BLAUE BLUME – Interview & Ja Ja Ja Berlin

Heute startet sie – die erste reguläre Ja Ja Ja-Nacht im Fluxbau in Berlin – kurzum der Startschuss des deutschen Ablegers der in London etablierten exklusiven Showcase-Reihe nordischer Newcomer-Acts! Und wie sich das gehört, prangert direkt das Gütesiegel „ausverkauft“ am Einlass – Grund genug allen interessierten Berlinern noch mal die kostenlose Ja Ja Ja-Mitgliedschaft ans Herz zu legen. Mit dieser hat man Vorrecht auf die Tickets (sogar vergünstigt) der nächsten Events, bleibt immer informiert über Line-Ups und sonstige aktuellen nordischen Musiktrends…und ab und an darf man sich sogar über kostenlose Downloads freuen. Doch eins nach dem anderen – heute steht erstmal der Kick-Off mit Naomi Pilgrim, Alfred Hall und Blaue Blume an. Letztere haben wir schon mal vorsorglich zum Interview gebeten – hier ihre Antworten auf unsere Fragen!

PS: Ausverkauft? Na und! Wir verlosen via Bedroomdisco 1×2 Tickets für das heutige Berliner Ja Ja Ja-Konzert! Alles was ihr dafür tun müsst, um im Lostopf zu landen ist uns bis 15 Uhr eine Mail an (Betreff: Ja Ja Ja) zu schreiben und mit etwas Glück habt ihr kurz darauf schon frohe Gewinnkunde in eurem digitalen Postfach!

Band facts

Name: Blaue Blume
Band members: Jonas, Søren, Peter and Robert
Founding year: 2010
Residence: Copenhagen
Current album: Beau & Lorette


I’ve read that you guys have done a road trip in the US – how has that experience shaped you as a band?
We have a common experience that no one knows anything about and there are certain things we can never tell anyone. We have secrets only we know about…We are just a little closer as friends than we were before. Without a doubt that can be heard throughout our musical endeavors.

Your music has been described as a “naïve teen sadness” of sorts. What would you want a music journalist to say about your music?
Just that! That’s an absolute perfect description of how we sound at the moment. Who wrote that??

Have you guys always been nostalgic, or is this something that you would like to explore within your music?
I think we have a fair amount of nostalgia running in our veins these years. We are definitely going through a detoxification of youth.

There has been an influx of bands using atmospheric melodies. What’s the reason for your fascination with ethereal sounds, and how does it portray the combined attitudes of the band?
Alongside every other reverb band we just want to sound as big as possible. We are currently working on guitar pedal and the beta model is called the “outgrow the universe” pedal…

Name three people you would love to individually collaborate with.
Kate Bush

If Blaue Blume didn’t happen, what do you think you guys would have been doing individually now?
That’s an unbearable scenario to think of. I would probably start another band, with another name…and ask the guys if they wanted to join. There is no other way.

Are you guys working on any new material now?
We are indeed. Hopefully we’ll have finished recording a full length album in the beginning of 2015.

What kind of direction/sound would your new material take, and how do you think your fans would receive that?
We are really aiming to extract an even more concentrated sound from these new songs. We will go to the utmost extremes. Either people will really hate us or love the shit out of us. Anonymity is not an option this time.

What are you doing when you’re not making music?
Watching movies, reading books, drinking coffee, making love.

What did you learn in 2014?
Nothing new.

Your Top 3 records of 2014? Why?
– Sun Kil Moon – Benji – The lyrics are sublime and the arrangements never boring.
– Angel Olsen – Burn your fire for no witness – Her songs live up to her heartbreaking beauty this time.
– Arcade Fire – Reflector – A timeless record full of coolness.

Which song would fit to your actual situation?
Joni Mitchell – Free man in Paris

Which song makes you dance independent of your situation?
Radiohead – Jigsaw falling into place

How would your “Bedroomdisco” look like? 
Leonard Cohen is the DJ, Rimbaud is toastmaster, Jack Kerouac is bartender, Henry Miller and August Strindberg are security and Edward Munch did the decorating. We are mingling, sipping absinth, making sure all the men are dressed in robes and the women are naked.