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Titelbild © Stefan Holtzem / Porträt © Jo Henker

After putting your video on Youtube you started to get a lot of attention. Did you speculate on that effect or was it kind of a surprise to get that much feedback?
It really was. I didn’t know what to expect. I thought that we maybe get signed by a label and they put out a record. But the fact that it happened on Youtube was a thing I didn’t see happening. Actually fans posted the videos of our songs online and that were the videos which went viral. I mean but it was the best way.

And now you have like 64 m views on “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”…
Yeah, something like that…

© Jo Henker

Incredible. So would you say you are like a best practice of low-budget- self-made-promo-band?
I think so because we had no money. One of the best advice that we ever heard was: Make the budget the aesthetic. So that’s what we did, we spent only 200 Dollars to record. To do it as cheap as possible.

What happened after you success on youtube, what was next?
It was pretty crazy, when things got viral all doors got open. We had people in the industry getting in touch with us all the time. But mostly labels which wanted to sign us, people who wanted to work with us. So that happened really really quickly and it honestly keeps going. It’s a nice feeling.

What was the reason why it took you some time to finish you debut album and keep the early fans waiting? Is it your own perfection?
I think it was that. Playing shows and touring in Europe kind of delayed the whole process, too. Actually the album was mostly done in December 2015 but we wanted to make sure that it came out in the right way.

Was it then consistent to give your album a selftitle?
That feels like the simplest thing to do. And I also think it’s the purest form for a debut-album, for example Paul Simon or The Beatles did that, too. It’s some sort of power for me.

Is your band name supposed to be a recommendation for us all?
Yeah, I think everyone should at least give it a try and see what they think about it.

I read that you are much into movie music, especially in the whole arthaus-thing. In which way does that passion influence your work on the album?
I think it’s just the imagination that you get in this films, it’s always connected to the music. And I really wanted that our songs do that for people: to take them somewhere else. And this is what film-music do for me.

Are there any other important influences in music, in movies, whatever?
I am really inspired by the poetry of Richard Brautigan. He can speak about something very raw in an absolute sweet way. Which I also want to do in my lyrics. It has also kind of sweetness and positiveness in it.

How is the tour going so far and are you looking forward to the many upcoming shows?
I love touring. It’s thrilling. It’s the best thing to do, just traveling the world and play some music to people.

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