Foto-© Fredrik Skogkvist

Der Schwede Albin Lee Meldau kratzt seit einiger Zeit an der Schwelle vom Geheimtipp zum gefeierten Newcomer. Seine ersten Singles wurden sehr wohlwollend aufgenommen, genauso wie die mitreißenden Live-Shows des 30-jährigen Göteborgers, der es in seinen Songs versteht Pop mit Tiefgang zu versehen, natürlich nicht ohne nordische Charme-Note! Nach Shows im Vorprogramm mit Kaleo, Aurora, LP oder Leon Bridges war es nun Anfang Juni Zeit für Meldau endlich sein Debütalbum zu präsentieren – wir trafen ihn zwischen Tür, Angel, Bits und Bytes im digitalen Tête-à-tête zum E-Mail-Interview!

Your music does not totally fit into the “singer songwriter cliché”: How would you describe your music to someone who has not listened to it in detail?
I would describe my music as soulful pop music with a lot of emotion behind it. I worked as a wedding singer for a very long-time, and from my father I got addicted to reggae music, but sure Bob Dylan is my favourite poet. It’s always good to be broad minded and I like a lot of stuff.

Last year you’ve won the Anchor Award of Reeperbahn Festival. Do things have changed in Germany for you since then? How important do you think are awards and categories like that as well as showcase festivals as a newcomer?
It’s a huge honour to be awarded the Anchor Award from Reeperbahn and since then I’ve had the opportunity to record a full-length album. Germany is a great place but like I said before, music isn’t a competition, but life is a struggle. Awards shouldn’t dictate what music is “good”. I used to work on the street as a busker and I was even better than because I played more hours.

How important do you think is an outstanding performance as a musician? To not deliver a perfect performance in terms of musical and technical perfection, but also be entertaining and show emotions as a person?
There is no such thing as perfection, but portraying emotion is a huge part of any sort of live performance. I grew up in a theatre and love :”Screaming jay Hawkins” and “Hamlet”. It’s all in the scars of life which is subjective.

You’ve been making music for some time now. Can you describe one of your best early gigs and one of your recent best or important gigs?
I found my bass player Andermo playing in the same bar week in week out and had a huge laugh there. I used to play there with my old band The Magnolia”and it was great… free bar. It was a huge honour to play Bonnnaroo where we made a lot of life long fans and the recent LP show at Kentish Town in London with my band of beautiful Swedes.

Also – what has changed for you recently with regard to your growing success in Europe or the US? How double-edge does success and being professional feel for you?
It’s a huge honour to be appreciated for you work which I feel goes for any profession. Its mind blowing and you have to pitch yourself. I live a normal life in a sleepy town called Gothenburg and it tends to humble me.

You’re playing a so-called “Tinder-Song” at your shows. It really sticks out within your set, because it’s one of the rare upbeat, even kind of funny songs in your set. What are your experiences with online dating or which opinion do you have about it in general?
I live a happy life with my girlfriend and I do not have anything more to say about this.

Your music is very emotional and intense. How much of the lyrics and stories are biographical or based on true stories and how much is just about writing deep and moving songs?
I use my music as my diary, it could be personal, but writing with a lot of fantastic session writers, it also happens that we make something up on the spot – like the “Tinder-Song” (thank you Eg White).

Your parents are also musicians. Is it for you imaginable at all to ever do anything else except for music? And if so, what could that be?
I want to be a food critic, Arsenal manager, and perhaps dog whisperer. But since I’m still figuring out two of the three, being a musician will work for now.

It’s all going really well for you at the moment. What are your next goals? What do you wish to accomplish in the future regarding your career and your music?
I would love to travel the world, portray my poetry, and establish myself as a producer. It would be fun to write a book and have my own restaurant with live music and Barolo wines. I would also love to see the Himalayas and find Sasquatch.

Albin Lee Meldau Tour:
20.10. Milla, München
22.10. Studio 672, Köln
25.10. Maze, Berlin
26.10. Nochtwache, Hamburg