WEVAL – Nachschlag

Foto-© Max Hartmann

Nachdem das niederländische Duo Weval Anfang März diesen Jahres endlich ihr Zweitwerk The Weight veröffentlicht haben und kurz darauf auf Tour auch hierzulande zu sehen waren, erscheint mit Someday heute das neue Video des Duos. Dieses entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Regisseur Páraic Mc Gloughlin, der die Entstehung/die Idee dahinter wie folgt schildert: „Last year Weval approached me with the idea of developing a music video for their track Someday. Upon listening to the track ,which I loved, I had ideas of what I thought would fit. After some discussions with the guys we merged our ideas and came up with a loose structure. We aimed at creating an abstract journey with a sense of ambiguity holding underlying core concepts: Where are we going, are we going in the right direction? Our situation on earth is fragile, as individuals, as a people and the planet itself is delicate. Nothing is certain; life can change dramatically for better or for worse in an instant. Our goal was to portray an element of these ideas while trying to illustrate a fear of losing what we have at the same time not letting any idea be dominant. This was something I found incredibly difficult to balance.“


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