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MANDO DIAO – surprise, surprise

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Wie wahrscheinlich viele Bands und Musiker gerade, sitzen auch die Indie-Helden von Mando Diao aktuell in ihrer Heimat fest, ohne die Möglichkeit ihr letztjähriges Album zu touren. Doch natürlich waren die Schweden alles andere als untätig, haben zuletzt schon ihr zweites schwedisch-sprachiges Album I soldnedgången veröffentlicht…und legen heute kurzerhand auch für ihre internationalen Fans noch mit All the People eine Überraschungs-EP nach! Wir nutzten die Gelegenheit und haben Frontmann Björn Dixgård vorab mit einigen Fragen dazu zu löchern – Mando Diao im Bedroomdisco Interview!


– Name: Mando Diao
– Band members: Björn Dixgård, Carl-Johan Fogelklou, Jens Siverstedt, Daniel Haglund, Patrik Heikinpieti
– Founding year: 1999
– Location: Sweden
– Album: Current EP All the People following 2019 Album BANG


– First of all: how are you, how did you experience the outbreak of this worldwide crises and what is the situation in Sweden at the moment, even more as Sweden did choose a different tactic on how to live with Covid-19 and was criticized for that a lot from other states?
We experiences the effects of the situation as we were looking forward to an event in Hamburg. As we got closer we realised it wouldn’t happen. We, like everyone else, started to look ahead and found ourselves cancelling more and more shows and having an uncertain future. We are not experts in these kind of crisis so I dont feel we can comment on what or how Sweden has done. Everyone in the world is learning and we are all in it together. Stay safe!

– Actually you would have been on tour and have a busy festival summer ahead – but you weren’t lazy in the last months – re-releasing your debut album Bring ’Em In, releasing your 2nd album in Swedish and recording a new EP. Did all of those releases result in the special situation or was this the plan anyway? How did the crisis influence your plans in 2020
While we really are disappointed we can’t be out and play ,as its a lot of fun, we have tried to be creative and focus on other things. The Swedish album was planned. There was a project we have been working on for 2 years that should have happened in June and the release was in connection with that. The sessions for that album were in the fall and winter 2019. The All The People EP we had some material from BANG, and we re-recorded them while we had this time. Songs we loved and wanted to get out. Its a gift to everyone since we can’t be together.

– Which importance does your debut album still have for you, what do you think about the songs and when fans still want you to play songs out of it nowadays?
It is special of course because it is the first. We still play some of the songs for that period. Mr Moon for example, The Band.

– You’re releasing new music in a world, which is kind of on hold and without a clear perspective on when everything might be back to normal and when you will be able to tour the new releases again – why did you decide to release it anyway and what are your plans for touring at the moment?
We are musicians, making music is what we do. The fact is this situation gives us time to do something that touring keeps us from getting done. We have a chance to get some more music out because we have time. Luxury really. Without touring this is how we keep going. We cant wait, play dead, or sleep until it’s over. We have lots going on and we want to share it.
We will have to wait to see what and when and how we tour again. we have a Swedish tour we want to do on the Swedish album. We want to do festivals again and maybe the set list will have a lot of new stuff by the time we see each other again!

– Can you describe a bit the production process of All The People EP, how, when and where it came into life, what was the best/what the worst moment during production and what is the most told anecdote of that time?
Like the Swedish album we are doing things very old school. there are only a few mics in the room and we literally move amps, drums etc around the room to the the mix. there are not lots and lots of tracks and its live. We choose takes that sound the best from start to finish. if you were in the room this is what you would hear. the best part of the production is we got away and stay in a house together. we have good food, its a nice place in the country so we can relax, be creative and have fun.

– Why did you decide to announce and release it on the same day?
Surprise! Its a gift!

– The title track All The People is one of our favorite songs of the EP – can you let us know what it is about, how it came into existence and if there is a story behind the song?
Its a song we have had for a while and have recorded it in a few different versions. When we did it this way it had a swing, a nice rhythm that just felt right. its about being together, solidarity you know. we are all in this together. It wasn’t about covid, we wrote it before but the message is the relevant.

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– Soundwise the EP also feels different to BANG, which was released last year. More layed back and relaxed – how did it come to that and why did it evolve like that in your eyes?
The Swedish record was very inspirational. to record this way, live, room mics. we wanted to try more material this way too. We always have to do what we find interesting and inspiring. this was a real challenge and that’s good.

– Is this also a hint on how the next studio album might sound? We read you’re already working on it, to be released next year?
We are, we will keep you in suspense. we are working on it and lets see, no date confirmed yet. it depends so much on what and when things can happen. can we tour or not that kind of thing,

– How far are you in the writing/production phase and what can you tell us about your 11th album already?
Its really far. The sessions are basically done. Its going to be great!

– You’ve been doing music as a band for a long period now, how did the music industry change during that period in your eyes, what changed for good, what for worse and what’s your plan for the future?
Well obviously the digital thing is the big change. Its not good or bad it just is what it is. You have to adapt, change, go with flow. We are lucky that we have a lot of talent and resources in the group so we have been able to find our way. Our plans are to complete the next record, tour in Sweden and hopefully a full festival season 2021, then maybe a tour on the new album? If these things cant happen then we will keep recording and putting out more and more music!

– What impulse did the Covid-19 crisis have on the Swedish music industry, as far as you can imagine?
Its hard to say yet. its pretty early. Most artists in Sweden are still recovering from a summer going away. they were making plans for that. It will be interesting to see how people adapt, who can continue strongly. its a big change but change brings creativity!

– Whats next on your schedule?
We are doing a live stream monday July 20th. It will be our summer concert which we are really excited to do! We miss playing and the energy we get for the audience.

– What are you doing when you’re not doing music?
Lots of different things but one common thing is just being in nature. We all love the outdoors. With all this craziness it is the first summer totally in Sweden since 2002 so we are taking advantage of everting the swedish nature has to offer!

– What did you learn in 2020?
Be flexible. Dont take anything from granted. Also i think its reminded us how connected we all are, things we do can effect other people we never meet.

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