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Der Bandgewordene dänische Elektro-Export-Schlager WhoMadeWho ist zurück! Und zwar sowohl beim Kölner Label Kompakt, als auch mit ihrem neuen Album Synchronicity, für das sich das Trio aus Kopenhagen einiges an Unterstützung ins Studio geholt hat: Michael Mayer, Echonomist, Adana Twins, Axel Boman, Robag Wruhme, Frank Wiedemann (Âme / Howling), Terr, Sainte Vie, Mano Le Tough, Marc Piñol, Rebolledo und Perel stehen auf der Tanzkarte und runden den Sound des neuen WhoMadeWho-Albums gekonnt ab! “We have always been very fortunate to meet and know many talented producers. In recent years, we have been exploring those relationships with different remixes and collaborations, and every time something exciting came out. That’s why we started our Synchronicity project. To challenge ourselves making inspiring, fun and beautiful music. Synchronicity means “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. This very well describes how our path led to the place we are now – somewhere between the club and indie scenes.”, sagt die Band darüber. Wir haben das Trio zum Track by Track zum Album gebeten!

1. WhoMadeWho & Frank Wiedeman – Dream Hoarding

This song was from WhoMadeWho’s first encounter with Frank Wiedemann in his legendary studio in Berlin. First day they met ever, he had gathered a lot of weird radios that they started playing around with immediately. The song is based on a jam with Høffding playing some “weird radio” while Jeppe is playing the Piano. The 6 minuter flow of the song is a one take from an open jam. Afterwards they added more electronic layers and the arpeggio synth. They agreed it was a natural opener, since it is very open and playful, and sets a nice psychedelic vibe for the rest of the album.

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2. WhoMadeWho & Sainte Vie – Hibernation

WhoMadeWho started the track up in Copenhagen and send the parts to Pablo. He lifted the track with dreamy synths and a nice arrangement. Høffding added this very nice and loving melody in the last minute. A comforting song about getting new friends through friends.

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3. WhoMadeWho & Mano Le Tough – Oblivion

This song was made from a testing-session of new software-synths. The dreamy chords inspired an introvert melody about Jeppes chilhood memories. Tomas B heard the potential in it and send it to Mano Le Tough, who lifted the song and its scattered lyrics to another level. Especially the guitar-part that is made by Mano is worth the wait.

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4. WhoMadeWho & Marc Pinol – Sooner

This track was made in Copenhagen and sent to Marc Pinol. After being sick with Corona, Jeppe was isolated and away from the recording session for a while. Back in the studio the melody and lyrics to this song came within five minutes. Written from a feeling of being isolated and afraid, hoping for a better future.

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5. WhoMadeWho & Adana Twins – Shadow Of Doubt

We had Friso and Benny visiting the band in Copenhagen, spending three days at the Deltalab Studio Studios just jamming around and having fun. Since the guys really like the guitar, they did something here that was a bit out of our comfort zone. Adding old-school rock guitar colors. Normally a “no go zone” for WhoMadeWho, but the enthusiasm of The Adana Twins made them Capitulate and add that as well. Høffdings Beachboys-gone-wrong-vocal is basically about good old FOME…but in a way where you can laugh about it.

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6. WhoMadeWho & Axel Boman – Anywhere In The World

This song was another introvert demo, that benefitted from being send to an external producer. Axel made a completely new “dub” version with several outboard echo and delay machines being involved in the final mix. The band and Axel had some inspiring conversations about the future of our music world. The world is open for changes and we just need to open ourselves to make that change.

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7. WhoMadeWho & Economist – Cecil

There is a reason why there are so many great soul tracks about hope and unity. The world needs this more than ever. This is WhoMadeWho going soul… ”love and forgiveness will save us all”… lets hope so! Copenhagen meets Greece. Featuring the Norwegian trumpet legend Gunnar Halle.

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8. WhoMadeWho & Perel – Der Abend Birgt Keine Ruh

Tomas B made this track on a flight to Brazil, in the afternoon and finalised the instrumental at a local studio. It was played with a euphoric feedback on a mountain top same evening. Afterwards it was send it to Perel and she added her shine and some beautiful spoken words in German. Obviously the band responded immediately by making a response vocal hook in Danish. Creating music together is such a special thing, you never know what will happen when you pull up your laptop in a random moment.

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9. WhoMadeWho & Michael Mayer – Hamstring

This song was made in an uplifting dialogue between WhoMadeWho and dear friend Michael from Cologne. Fun fact is that his robot lyrics are inspired by his strong admiration for the calves of Tomas Barfod!

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10. WhoMadeWho & Rebolledo – Twenty Tears

The band stayed at Rebo’s house a couple of days in between gigs during a Mexico tour, just hanging out, enjoying Rebo’s great homemade food and wonderful company, while producing 4 tracks. If you havent aldready heard about it, Rebo’s house is like taken out of a James Bond movie. It has a full club in the basement, with booth and bar, and everything. And hidden behind the DJ booth is a secret door into his studio. There is a deep sense of longing in this song, a special one that made it on the album.

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11. WhoMadeWho & Frank Wiedeman – Peter Pan Me

This track was also one of the first the band did with Frank. A vocal melody was recorded right away in the studio, but the words didn’t feel right. Back in Copenhagen, the band had a chat with friend and local radio personality Gyrith Ross. She immediately came up with great words for the melody. A song about restlessness and stress.

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12. WhoMadeWho & Robag Wruhme – If you Leave

A calm moment in time. Originally a song about lost love. But cut down to the very core… ”If you leave”. Robag Wruhme at his best!

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