STILL CORNERS – Inspiration

Foto-© Bernard Bur

Schon seit langem verfolgen wir das atmosphärische-berauschende Treiben des amerikanisch-britischen Dream-Pop Duos Still Corners, das zuletzt auch ihr mittlerweile fünftes Album The Last Exit veröffentlichte, Wüsten-Noir-Sound inklusive! Das neue Album von Songwriter Greg Hughes und der Sängerin Tessa Murray ist nämlich eine hypnotische Reise – eine Reise durch verfallene Städte, voller mysteriöser Formen am Horizont und langer Reisen, bei denen die Grenze zwischen dem, was da ist und dem, was nicht da ist, verschwimmt. Passend dazu haben wir die beiden nach den für sie prägenden Alben gefragt!

Billy Strange – Walk Don’t Run

The biggest influence on our clean-tone guitar sound. Strange’s versions of these songs I would play over and over as a kid. His version of House of the Rising Sun is my favorite.

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Cocteau Twins – Four-Calendar Café

I grew up listening to this and it was before the internet and before I cared about such things on records but basically I spent half my life thinking there were two singers in this band.  I was shocked when I found it was just one, one incredible angel singing her arse off.

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Bob Dylan – Slow Train Coming

Recorded at Muscle Shoals, engineered by Gregg Hamm, its production is exquisite. Mark Knopfler plays lead.  Songs are amazing. We listened to it so much we wore out the vinyl.

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Eddy Arnold – Cattle Call

Eddy had the audacity to record a perfect country pop album with Hugo Winterhalter in New York city of all places, thus annoying the country music establishment at the time.  Have you heard a better male voice in your life? Neither have I.  

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Chet Baker – Do It The Hard Way

My all time favourite album. Chet’s perfect voice can sweep away even the dreariest day. Excellent production, his voice floats over a hip band as it cruises along, hitting all the right notes of the early standards.

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