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Mit Red, Yellow, Blue haben sich De Staat aus den Niederlanden den berühmten Eklektizismus ihrer Band zu eigen gemacht und ein erstes auditives Kunstprojekt geschaffen, das die Grundfarben Rot, Gelb und Blau widerspiegelt. Hierfür werden die neuen Stücke als eine große Kollektion an Songs zusammengefasst, die jeweils in die Primärfarben Rot, Gelb und Blau unterteilt sind, um die verschiedenen Stimmungen der Tracks zu untermalen. Rot steht dabei für den dunkleren, aggressiveren Teil von De Staat, Gelb für den beschwingteren, spaßigen und tanzbaren Teil und Blau für den introspektiveren und melodischeren. Das Album erschien am vergangenen Freitag – und für uns hat die Band ein Track by Track dazu geschrieben!


1. Look At Me

The song we usually open with nowadays. It’s actually about the weirdness of being a stage performer, getting older and older while wanting to stay relevant. Will we be that band who dies during a show?

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2. Head On The Block

The first song we made with a very ‘poppy’ classic bubbling beat, but in combination with the most simple and stupid 3-note riff you can think of. I love this song. I’ve never heard a rock song like this so I’m happy we made it.

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3. Some Body

Probably the most chaotic and strangest song of the Red EP. We purposely went all out on this. It’s too much, and that’s the point. I wrote this with Rocco and his brother Jimmi, also known as Jo Goes Hunting.

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4. Paying Attention

The working title for this one was ‘Atari Adventure’, because the theme is so damn computer gamey. The song is about our current attention economy, and my annoyance with everything trying to steal my eyeballs. That’s why this song is so high energy.

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5. Burning The Flag

One of my favourites, because it feels so huge. The song is inspired by the storming of the capitol in Washington D.C. I tried to capture that apocalyptic, chaotic and scary feeling of those riots. I’m very proud of the lyrics as they are full of metaphors and specific references. It also feels like a part two of our song ‘KITTY KITTY’.

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1. Who’s Gonna Be The GOAT?

I got really tired of all the podcasts and references to ‘who’s the GOAT’ of whatever, that I really wanted to make an ode to the ‘anti-GOAT’. There is something really refreshing about not wanting to be the best in something, but just enjoying your time on this planet. Also, the best beat we’ve made in a while, with a delicious KORG MS-10 riff.

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2. Danger

This is really a love song to danger and fear. I sing “to fear is to be alive”, which I do believe. It’s important to find and deal with your angst: It’s how you grow and get to experience the cool stuff in life. Also, we’re introducing the wah-wah pedal for the first time in De Staat history. That alone should be celebrated I think.

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3. Peace, Love & Profit

A lot of eighties references in this song. I don’t know why but it feels good. This is a quirky pop song basically. The lyrics are almost completely based on this Pepsi commercial I saw featuring Kendall Jenner. It’s the best example of how big companies are trying to use important protest-movements to sell their products.

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4. Bombti

This is what happens when our guitarist Vedran buys a microtonal guitar. The riff is irresistible, and the song is just that. It’s the riff. And more of the riff. Full stop.

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5. Numbers Up

A little funk to sing about our obsession with statistics. Our pleasure is measured. Is something actually good, or are the numbers good?

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1. One Day

I wrote this song with an high school friend, Freek van Workum. I was in my first band with him, and he now is a hugely successful platinum-selling hip hop producer in the USA. I’ve been really exploring my voice with the Blue EP, and ‘One Day’ is a great example of that.

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2. Someone To Be

This one has kind of stayed under the radar, but I think it’s a really unique song. It has an unusual combination of a groovy shuffle beat, intimate vocals, strings, and an almost Skrillex-like dubstep bass. It’s weird but it really works beautifully.

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3. Running Backwards Into The Future

I really like this song because it has some classic nineties hip hop references, combined with a powerful melodic and spacey chorus.

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4. Take Root

Take Root is also a very explorative song for me vocally: I go from the lowest to the highest, and from the softest to the loudest. Two drummers and a 90ies-house theme make this also something we’ve never done before.

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5. What Goes, Let Go

Lyrically I’m quite proud of this song, as I try to explore what it’s like to say goodbye to someone you’ve been with for a long time. I like how I managed to combine really big and almost scientific statements with the up close and personal.

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