Frankreich macht sich auf die Indie-Pop Hochburg zu werden – denn nach Phoenix legt mit Pony Pony Run Run eine weitere französische Band ein super Pop-Album nach! “You Need Pony Pony Run Run” heißt das Debüt und sorgt gerade in ihrer Heimat für Furore und ausverkaufte Live-Shows. Hierzulande gibt es die CD bisher leider nur als Import zu kaufen – aber das kann sich ja noch ändern. Wie wir das Album finden, wird es demnächst hier zu lesen geben – doch jetzt gibt es erstmal unser Bedroomdisco-Interview mit Pony Pony Run Run!


1.) Band facts
– Name: pony pony run run
– Band members + nicknames: gaetan, antonin, amaël( no nicknames)
– Founding year: 2005/2006
– Residence: nantes
– Current album: “you need pony pony run run”
2.) Questionnaire:
– How did you come up with your band name?
it’s the idea of repetition;being better than talk talk, wet wet wet, by repeating 2 words twice!
– How did you become a band?
we met in nantes 3 years ago and decided to make pop music that we were listening as teenagers : it started with influences such as weezer, the rentals and the wannadies…
– How would you describe your musical style?
pop for all.
– Which musical influences do you have?
from pop to dance, from rock to r’n’b, the 90’s radio station, well, yes, the nineties…
– With which person would you like to work together and why?
“la roux”, we can’t stop listening to her music, so many hits in one album!
– 3 top albums 2009? Why?
LA ROUX  ” la roux” – gaetan (singer/guitarist) is just addicted to her music.
PHOENIX “wolfgang amadeus phoenix” – I ( antonin) think it’s the best phoenix album, huge production, great songs, the more I listen to it, the more I love it.
ST VINCENT “actor” – it’s amaël’ s choice, although he prefers the last one…
– 3 top albums of the last decade? Why?
PAVEMENT “slanted and enchanted” – it’s gaetan’s reference band
REM “monster” – it’s mine
PANTERA “far beyond driven” – it’s amaël’s
pony pony run run is somewhere between those influences!
– What did you learn 2009?
sleeping less, working harder, staying up later, playing louder…
– Your best personal experience in 2009?
flying to japan in june to make 3 shows in tokyo. we spent one week there, it was so great we didn’t want to come back…
– Your plans for 2010?
touring france but also every country we didn’t go to.
– What’s on your rider?
cold meal, vodka, beer, redbull, tea…wish there was cigarettes also, but we didn’t dare…
– What do you associate with Bedroomdisco?
cut copy?
– Who did fill out this questionnaire?
antonin ( keyboards/ back vocals) in the name of pony pony run run.

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