PORT O’BRIEN – Interview

Das erste Mal kamen wir mit Port O’Brien in Kontakt als die Band vor ca. einem Jahr als Vorband von Get Well Soon in Mannheim auftrat. Schon dort begeisterte uns die Strophe “Because I am a fisherman’s son, That is what I’ll become”. Mittlerweile ist ihr drittes Album “Threadbare” erschienen, dessen Produktion von dem überraschenden Tod des Bruders von Bandmitglied Cambria überschattet wurde. Wie das die Produktion beeinflusste wollte die Band in unserem Interview nicht sagen – wir können nur festhalten, dass “Threadbare” das wohl beste Port O’Brien Album geworden ist – so oder so! Auf jeden Fall scheint die Band viel mit Magie zu tun zu haben und ihre Lil Wayne– und Lady Gaga-Einflüsse zumindest gut zu verstecken 😉 – zum Glück!

1.) Band facts

Name: port o’brien
Band members + nicknames: our nicknames are private. van: singing, writing, playing. cambria: singing, writing, playing, ryan: singing, writing, playing. graham: singing, playing. tyson: singing, playing.
Founding year: 2005
Residence: California, the best state in the world.
Current album: Threadbare

2.) Questionnaire:
How did you come up with your band name, what is the meaning for you?
port o’brien is a port in alaska where van’s parents met and had sex to make him in 1970, though he was not born until 1984.
How did you first meet and how did you then become a band?
through magic. not the gathering.
After just being a band of two you grew bigger – why did you decide to get a bigger line-up?
more dicks. just kidding. because we want to have more fun with more musicians and be more like a regular band than some recording project.
How would you describe your musical style?
again, magic-
Which musical influences do you have?
lil wayne, lady gaga, nirvana, rakim, the beatles
You first of all were writing songs mainly about your work as a fisher and a baker – how did this inspire you for songs?
you write about what you know about. you write songs to make you feel better. hopefully someone else can relate.
How did your life then change after your debut?
we don’t stay at home for very long.
After touring a lot you started thinking about the “threadbare” album – how was it planned to be?
it was not really planned. we just made the record because we had these songs and it was time to make another.
How did the loss of Cambrias brother influence the album?
listen to it and tell us.
What would you say is the album about?
same answer.
How and where was it produced?
it was made in california. with jason quever from the papercuts in San francisco and aaron espinoza from Earlimart in LA.
Two of our favourite songs are “My Will Is Good” and “Calm Me Down” – could you tell how they came into existence, what they are about and what the story behind them is?
timbaland “give it to me” and calm me down is a sweet two part jam that makes us happy to play. the whole reason for all of this is because we love music and feel very fortunate to play it in front of people. it is healing.
3 top albums 2009? Why?
golden gram “master of none”, dawes “north hills”, papercuts “you can have what you want”
What did you learn 2009?
to not care
Your best personal experience in 2009?
playing for people who want to hear us
Your plans for 2010?
to meet lil’ wayne
What’s on your rider?
hummus, pita, beer, red wine, jameson, gummi bears
What do you associate with Bedroomdisco?
we have no idea what that is.
Who did fill out this questionnaire?
gram, the secret weapon.

Thanks to the secret weapon!



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