FIRST AID KIT – Interview

Zwei junge Schwestern aus Schweden eröffneten im Herbst des mittlerweile vergangenen Jahres die Konzerte von Port O’Brien. Diesen Monat erscheint jetzt das Debütalbum mit dem Namen „The Big Black & The Blue“ von First Aid Kit. Grund genug den virtuellen Hörer in die Hand zu nehmen und den beiden einige Fragen zuzusenden. Hier gibt es ihre Gedanken über ihr Jahr 2009, ihre Hoffnungen für 2010 und welche Songs sie zum headbangen in ihrer Bedroomdisco bringen!

1.) Band facts

Name: First Aid Kit
Band members + nicknames: Klara Söderberg (No nickname, sorry) Johanna Söderberg (nickname: Jojo)
Founding year: 2007
Residence: Stockholm, Sweden
Current album: Debut album “The Big Black & The Blue to be released January 2010 & Debut EP “Drunken Trees” released February 2009 (Worldwide), April 2008 (Sweden)

2.) Questionnaire:

How did you come up with your band name, what is the meaning for you?
The name “First Aid Kit” was the result of a quick look through an English dictionary. Klara had just started writing songs and she was searching for a pseudonym. She liked the name and decided to use it. When she formed a band together with me we stuck with it. We want our music to work as a means of consolation, as a way of making life a bit more bearable for people. A First Aid Kit for the soul.
When did you start to make music?
We’ve been singing together since childhood. However, the proper songwriting started when Klara was 14. She’d been given a guitar one year eariler as a birthday present. Not long after the first couple of songs had been written I joined and I started singing harmonies with Klara. First Aid Kit was formed on the night when we had our first live performance together, at library in Stockholm in October 2007.
How would you describe your musical style?
Fokal music.Folk with focus on the vocals.
Which musical influences do you have?
Old and new folk and country. Bright Eyes, Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Vashti Bunyan, The Louvin Brothers, The Carter Family etc.
As you’re still pretty young – how are you dealing with your education and are you still visiting school?
We do not go to school, thank god! I have gratuated from Gymnasium (Swedish high school). Klara has finished elementary school and is taking a sabbatical. When we recorded the EP and the album we went to school, but we found it a bit difficult to focus on the music while having to do homework. Therefore we decided that it would be best to take a break from the academic education and really give music a shot.
What are your parents thinking about your music and about you touring the world?
They couldn’t be more supportive, and they’re supporitve in a good way. Our dad, who has a lot of experience and knowledge of the music business, is our tour manager and sound technican. Our mom is manager at home. Our 5 year old brother is working on getting ready to play the drums with us, haha. Family is very important.
– How did you get in contact with your label/get a record deal?
We reached our current label through Myspace, actually. But we reached our very first label, Rabid Records, the label of The Knife, in a different way. Our little brother went to the same kindergarten as the children of Karin Dreijer from The Knife. Our mother talked with her about our music project and she got interested. She saw us live and decided to sign us.
Your debut will be released in January – can you tell a bit how it was done, what we can expect from it and what you liked about doing it?
We recorded, produced and mixed the record ourselves at home, in my room, together with our father. Since we went to school we only recorded on holidays and weekends. It took about 6 months to make. You can except some heavy harmonies, that will rock you – gently. We loved recording the album and we felt like we got a lot better at recording this time. I think our voices came out really clearly with this record, compared to our debut EP.
Is there something you would like to change for the production of the next record?
No, not really. I think our first album turned out pretty good and I think we will continune in this style of production. Maybe we’ll add some more musicians and some new instruments next time…we’ll see. Anything could happen, really!
What are you as a band/musician doing at the moment?
We’re writing new songs for our next album, rehearsing with a drummer, answering questionnairse for German blogs…
How does it come that you are supporting Port O’Brien?
Well, our agent got us the support slot and here we are touring with them. We’re really happy about it. Gotta love those guys.
3 top albums 2009? Why?
Alela Diane: To Be Still
Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers: Songs In The Night
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: It’s Blitz
Why? Cause they rock!
What did you learn 2009?
We’ve improved a lot, performance-wise. We’re a lot more secure on stage and I think that our voices have “grown together” more, as a result of us just singing together everyday. On top of that we’ve also learned how to say “Hi kids” in Finish.
Your best personal experience in 2009?
We had our best show yet at a festival called Arvikafestivalen in Sweden. That was one of my best experiences ever. It gave me such a pure feeling of joy!
Your plans for 2010?
Release our debut album (finally!), tour the UK, Europe, and hopefully the USA too. I have a feeling 2010 is going to be like one big party for us. Hopefully.
What’s on your rider?
Not much. Orange juice, water, nuts, fruits. We like healthy stuff! We’re über healthy.
What do you associate with Bedroomdisco?
Cars by Gary Numan. I frequently have my own bedroom discos headbanging to that song.
Who did fill out this questionnaire?
Johanna Söderberg.

Thanks a lot Johanna! We hope you had a good start in 2010 and that the new year will really turn out as a big party for both of you 😉



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