Mixtaping by Strangers – Vol 14- Sarah P.

Erinnert ihr euch noch an Kassetten? Dieses hoffnungslos romantische analoge Format, das es einem im Handumdrehen ermöglichte der Liebsten, Freunden oder auch Verwandten nicht nur eine Freude zu machen, sondern gleichzeitig auch noch eine musikalische Lehrstunde zu geben, inklusive Coolness-Statement! Was war das schön! Wir huldigen nach wie vor dieser Leidenschaft und stellen euch mit unserer Mixtaping by Strangers-Reihe nicht nur tolle neue Künstler vor, die über ihre Mixtape-Vergangenheit und -Vorlieben berichten, nein, wir lassen sie auch extra für euch eine kleine Liste zusammen stellen, auf dass ihr schwelgt in für euch neuer Musik, musikalische Einflüsse entdeckt und die Leidenschaft zur Mixtape machen, weiter geht! Repeat & Rewind inklusive! Für Tape Vol 14 haben wir Sarah P. an das digitale Tape Deck gebeten, die gerade erst letzte Woche ihr Solo Debüt Albums “Who Am I” veröffentlicht hat.

Have you ever done a mixtape before? If yes – when was the first time and for which person? If not – why not and for which person would you do one?
It’s going to sound weird, but the first time I made a mixtape it was together with my dad – we made a mixtape for me. My dad has a big vinyl collection and he’s always be the one to challenge me into listening artists and bands that are not “trending” or featured on the charts. The first mixtape we made it was full of Greek music – Manos Hadjidakis, Melina Mercouri, Nana Mouskouri. I would play it on my Fisher Price cassette player while doing my homework. I must have been around five. 

Which format would you prefer for your mixtape: Cassette, CD, digital playlist?
I guess, simply because of my memories – I prefer the good, old cassette. I remember listening to the radio, waiting for my favourite song to record it while it was airing. Now, that was excitement! Even when we circulated burnt CD playlists at school, with tunes on them that meant the world to us at the time, cassettes were always feeling more personal. That soft groaning while it was spinning, the distinct “click” when the side ended and the moments of almost silence in between tracks cannot be ever topped by a digital playlist. Well, in my humble opinion, at least. 

Insider tips that the listener won’t know or mainstream hits?
My favourite ones always had a mix of both – they weren’t trying to be too cool or too trendy. Maybe that’s because I was neither cool, nor trendy at school. Also, I have to admit that I had my guilty pleasures – something that my dad still can’t let go off. I’d say hidden gems mixed with mainstream artists’ hidden gems. How about that?

Sad/emotional or dance/party songs?
I’d say, songs that make you think, regardless their BPM or general mood. Those songs are my jam. 

Listing songs one after the other or planning a tonal climax?
Going with the flow and the mood of the moment. When I was younger & still living in my hometown, I used to select music for bars – they say I was DJing, I barely did in my opinion, what do you know? Anyway, I always treated that as a real time mixtape making. You’ve got to know for whom the mixtape’s for – after all, mixtapes are meant to be given as gifts. 

About the cover: self painted, a picture stolen from the internet or a simple set-list?
The set-list surrounded by little drawings. Or a cute collage. 

If you could choose an artist/band, who should do a mixtape for you – which one would it be and why?
I want to say Kate Bush, because her music makes me think and I think her selections would too. However, I’ll go with ANOHNI, because I find her majestic & even a glimpse inside her head would make me a very happy person. To blissfully listen to the selections of one of the greatest artists of our time, yeah, ANOHNI it is. 



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