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JACOB BELLENS – mein hungriges Herz

Foto-© Fryd Frydendahl

Mit My Heart Is Hungry And The Days Go By So Quickly präsentiert der dänische Singer-Songwriter Jacob Bellens am 3. April sein mittlerweile fünftes Solo-Album, das wieder nur so strotzt voller herzzerbrechender Melodien und dieser einzigartigen Stimme, die ihn in den letzten Jahren schon zu einem der spannendsten Musikern der skandinavischen Musikszene gemacht hat. „Ok, so I made another record. Big deal. Well, yes it is. I’m utterly satisfied and feel it’s some of my best work in ages“, sagt Bellens dazu lapidar, um dann fortzufahren: „The whole process was very easy, gentle and highly creative, from the first day of recording in September until the final master files were generated by Emil Thomsen. So many good friends and amazing instrumentalists have contributed to the sound and mostly, people were playing what they felt the track needed, which was an incredibly inspiring way of just letting the process develop naturally, and one step at a time taking on a life on its own.“

Also Vorgeschmack zum Album erscheint heute die Single Summer Sadness, die bei uns Videopremiere feiert und über die Bellens sagt: „I had just become a father, was in another place in my life. The concept for the chorus was in many ways a way of integrating the sorrow that followed the death of my mother, in my adult life. The line ‘I don’t want you to come back again’ combined with the following sentence ‘I’m doing fine all on my own’ is both filled with self pity and oddly uplifting. It has to do with letting go of old wounds, or at the time it was written – at least learning that the responsibility of my own well being is mine.“

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