Ba-bamm! Die verrückten Franzosen wieder. Allein das Aussehen der drei Jungs, die sich als Naive New Beaters feiern lassen treibt einen Tränen in die Augen. Lachtränen, aber auch Tränen des Fremdschämens. Fiese Scheitel und buschiger Mafiosi-Schnorres treffen auf Trainingsanzüge, Slips oder  Wollpullover, deren Farben und Muster das modische Grauen und den Trash aller Jahrzehnte vereint. Getreu dem Motto: “Die Ladenhüter des Second-Handladens wurden soeben an Naive New Beaters verkauft!” So bunt, wild, experimentierfreudig, trashy, aufgeregt und Klischées wieder hip werden lassend sind Naive New Beaters aus Paris. Und endlich macht eine Band wieder rund um Spaß! Mit Ihnen und ihrem tanzbaren Mix aus Rap, funky Beat und Prototyp Indierockgitarre wird es “bang” “bang gang”, also NICHT  langweilig. Das Debutalbum der Naive New Beaters mit dem Titel “Wallace” erschien im Mai auf Cinq7 in Frankreich, leider müssen wir hier in Deutschland noch darben:`(. Um euch dieses Partyfeuerwerk der guten Laune aber nicht vorzuenthalten, gibt es jetzt das Bedroomdisco Interview mit den Naive New Beaters! Viel Spaß, ach sowieso!
P.S. Das Foto spricht für sich, das Video von ihrer ersten Single ” Live Good” auch!


1.) Band facts

– Name: Naive New Beaters
– Band members + nicknames: David Boring is the American singer, Martin Luther BB king is the pasteurized guitar hero and Eurobelix is the machine man with a real beating heart.
– Founding year: End of 2004
– Residence: L.A., France
– Current album: Our first album, « WALLACE »

2.) Questionnaire:

– How did you come up with your band name?
We don’t remember that much but it might be right after the first track we did, we thought it was some how new, quite naive but still with a beat for the boum boum. So if we were to do some naive new beat, why not call ourselves the Naive New Beaters…
– How did you become a band?
guitar on the beach and getting all the girls, we decided to stick with him and continue the experience in town…it had a bit less success.
We quickly became the Naive New Beaters and did our first real concert a month later.
-How would you describe your musical style?
We often say we do « Californian pop-rap with mixed feelings », does that make sense ?
– Which musical influences do you have?
We all have different influences. Martin is more on the rock and let’s say on the hard rock side, Eurobelix has grown up with tough life, French Rap and Electro music and David watched way too much MTV and listened to pop and old school hip-hop.
– You will be supporting Miike Snow, how did it come to that?
We recently started working with a UK touring company called the Agency Group, those will be kind of the first gigs we’re doing with’em. Besides that we met the band this summer and played with them at the Meg Festival in Montreal. We’re really excited to support them for the German tour.
– If you are not making music, what are you doing?
Canoe Kayak, sleeping in the van, eating burgers and curry wurst.
– 3 top albums 2009? Why?
Julian casablancas, phrazes for the young. We love the melodies and his haircut
The XX, we played with them on a boat in Brighton in June. We really loved their performance and the ambiance they created in front of a drunken crowd wanting to head bang.
Whitest boy alive, « rules ». Love its relaxing and mellow powers, makes a good day.
– 3 top albums of the last decade? Why?
-Rooms on fire – the Strokes. We love the melodies and the singer’s haircut
-Ratatat – (first or second album). It’s a really cool band that all 3 of us like (which is rare). They have a very original music that only them could do.
-Wyclef Jean – Carnival. True, it’s a bit older than a decade but it’s a crazy album. Over 20 tracks and the album flows from one hand to another, melting lots of genders of the way.
– What did you learn 2009?
We were lucky to tour a lot this year, so we’ve been working out our geography and we’re getting better. We also learned not to invite people to come on stage during a show. You can easily loose half a tooth like that.
– Your best personal experience in 2009?
Playing in front of 15 000 people in Paris.
– Your plans for 2010?
Continue touring, make loads of international hits, pay our debts and prepare our next album.
– What’s on your rider?
Honey and local sausages.
– What do you associate with Bedroomdisco?
Mirrors on the ceiling?
– Who did fill out this questionnaire?
This questionnaire was automatically generated by our powerful computers.

Thanks Naive New Beaters for the interview! You Guys are really cool!

Und hier gibt´s noch was auf die Ohren, die erste Single der Naive New Beaters-Live Good!