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Wer oder was ist eigentlich “Le Petit Mort“? Selbst eine kurze Internet-Recherche bringt einen da nur auf falsche Gedanken, sodass wir froh sind, dass uns zwei Mitglieder der Band etwas Nachhilfe in Form eines sehr ausführlichen Interviews geben. Und da heute auch noch Weihnachten ist gibt es hier einen Link als Geschenk…einen Link? Ja – einen Link! Der führt euch zum unveröffentlichen Video der Band zum Song “Revolutionsromantik“, den ein Freund der Band für sein Abschlussprojekt an einer Design-Schule erstellt hat. Also ran an den Speck und frohe Weihnachten euch allen!

1.) Band facts
Name: Le Petit Mort
Band members: Ole Nørup, Ian Ice, Casper Sennenwald, Michael Mirage
Founding year: 2004 in Fredericia
Residence: Copenhagen
Current album: None

2.) Questionnaire:
How did you become a band?
I (Michael) was introduced to working to electronical music on a computer and just started playing around with some tracks. Ole dropped by one day and said he sort of liked it and asked if he could join the process. It was mostly an experiment with the 80s sound of synth and drum machines in a lo-fi sort of electropunk way, but Oles skills with producing and sound sort of took it to another level. We did a few tracks on a more serious level but never got around to do anything with them. We moved to Copenhagen, not to make music but mostly because our hometown bored us. When Ungdomshuset at Jagtvej 69 in Copenhagen, Nørrebro was threatened with eviction by the Police, we did a support song for the house. At that point there was an illegal pirate radio station transmitting form inside the barricaded house that started playing our song a lot and suddenly we had an audience. I guess people liked it, even though it was pop, maybe because the lyrics were rather propagandistic (but still true) but it sort of gave us some energy to do some more tracks. We finished up some old tracks and got invited to play some support gigs for Ungdomshuset with all the other artists from that scene which was everything, punk, reggae, mash-up you name it, it was some amazing party’s. The plan had always been to get drums, bas, guitar, and synth players for the live set so we asked some of our friends if they would do it, and they where down with it. Back then it was Lisa Morgen(The Assassinators), Ellen Norvang (When Midnight Kills) and Casper Sennenwald (As We fight) who were onboard besides Ole and I and then we were a real band, sort of ha ha.
How did you come up with your band name, what meaning has it to you/or how does it fit to your band?
I was reading a paper one day and came across the term “Le Petit Mort” I thought it was kind of cool and 80s sounding and took it. It is French slang for an orgasm, and directly translated means “the little death”. We found out that it probably is grammatically wrong and should have been “LA PetitE Mort” to be correct, but fuck that. Its just name to us I think, nothing that means something special, just like we have fun making up eccentric 80s sounding names for ourselves.
How would you describe your musical style?
We have gone to a lot of changes sound wise. We started out rather electropunkish, and now its more electro pop with a touch of post punk. We have been incorporating more real instruments into the sound, to make it more live orientated. You wouldn’t know because you haven’t heard the songs we are working on he he.
Which musical influences do you have?
Im personally very inspired at the moment by the beginning of the Neue Deutche Well area with bands like: Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Liaisons Dangereuse, Xmal Deutschland and all that beautiful stuff.
Ole who I compose the songs with are all over the place. He is sound engineer for these bands: The Kissaway Trail, Oh No Ono, The Late Parade, The William Blakes, BrodeBrixen and Twins Twins, and since he is on tour all the time it must be them I guess. He was just in Berlin and was at the last show with Moderat and cant stop talking about it so them as well I would say.
What did you do before Le Petit Mort?
Ole and I didn’t play in anything that you would know of.  Ian (new bass player) is playing in the Swedish hardcore punk band “FY Fan” and Casper was in a metalcore band called As We fight.
Are you now totally focused on music, or what also do you do?
No unfortunately not, We have been to busy with different projects so things have been a bit on the shelf the last years, but we are working our way back towards an album of some sort, I hope.
At the moment there are just a few songs (or at least which we found out about) of you out – are you working on an album – what can you tell us about it?
Yeah we took down some of the old tracks from Myspace for different reasons. Some of them is being redone and there are a few new ones as well. We are working from a principle that it should be fun and its still a sort of experiment with the 80s sound, we now just draw inspiration from many different genres from that area. It’s very pop in the constructions, but still with some roughness sticking out here and there. The lyrics aren’t that propagandistic anymore. Ole and I have found a good way to work together with the lyrics, where I come up with something and he tells me its shit and then I rewrite them to fit the compositions way better.
How did it come to the title “Clubkids and Queers”? What’s the story behind it?
Well its was after Ungdomshuset had been evicted by the police and the riots in Copenhagen had settled. There had always been a movement that did these crazy pirate parties in empty factories and places like that. The good people of that movement asked us to do a track for a compilation that they always put out, when thay had a pirate party and we made Clubkids & Queers. Its mainly about how everyone should unite at these party’s and have a good party with respect for each other.
What are you as a band/musician doing at the moment?
Mostly trying to find time to finish the album. Ole is on tour a lot all over the world, which I envy him a lot. I did a cover track of Fear´s I love living in the city together with Pato(http://www.myspace.com/deadcityrocks) which might be on his next solo album called 808 Punk Rock. Ian, Casper and I have just started a rock thing called Go Go Chanel with a guy called Nicolai who played in Godless Wicked Creeps and The Defectors, and its quite fun.
With which person would you like to work together and why?
Oh there’s a lot. I’m totally stuck on Robyn latest album, I love the production, and her vocals, but I don’t see that happening. Don’t know about the rest of the guys, but I know Casper and Ian wouldn’t say no to Lady Gaga haha.
You made a remix for The Autumns – how did it come to that?
Its actually mostly Ole who did it. He was on tour with The Kissaway Trail in England supporting The Editors. The Autumns were also support on the tour and he hooked up with them that way. Really don’t know what happened to that track, I really liked it.
Could you tell how you are working on remixes? What are the steps?
I really cant since we only did one and ole did most of it. I know he got the tracks from The Autumns and took a basis in the vocal “oh oh oh” part and build up around that.
What is your thought of how a remix should be?
Well I think I depend on a lot of things. Sometimes a remix has a purpose to make a track suitable for the clubs and then its has to be a bit up-tempo and groove a lot. But I also enjoy the remixes where the purpose isn’t dancing but more an atmospheric approach. I think Trentemøller is good at combining those two things.
3 top albums 2009? Why?
1. Karen O and The Kids – Where the wild things are soundtrack. Kidsvoices and Karen O, is all you need.
2. Balstyrko – Jagten på noget. Just fucking nice lyrics and atmospheres all over the place
3.  Lucy Love – Superbillion. She´s just representing the Grime scene like no one I Denmark ever did and she rocks a stage to pieces.

1. Prince – Lotus Flower.
2. Arctic Monkeys – Humbug.
3. Kiss – Sonic Boom.

Thats all the response I got from the guys.
What did you learn 2009?
That im more lazy than I thought, and that I should get my shit together.
Your best personal experience in 2009?
Hmm, there’s a lot. But I would either be when I ended up in a swimming pool in a backyard 6 in the morning on a tuesday with Casper and Ian and 3 girls we just meet after singing karaoke(Step By Step, New Kids On The Blok) at this shit hole of a bar in city center. Or one of the wonderful dubstep clubs held by the notorious OHOI! Crew at Stengade 30.
Your plans for 2010?
Get our shit together
Do you have a list of wishes for Christmas – what’s on it?
Casper: Underwear and money to buy a new passport.

Michael: Hardcase for my laptop
What is on your rider?
We don’t have one, but if we had there would be cheese and vodka+clubsoda I guess
What do you associate with Bedroomdisco?
Well didn’t know about you guys until you contacted us, but was happy to see that Fagget Fairies was represented on here. I like their shit, and they are nice people.
Who did fill out this questionnaire?
Michael and Casper on text messages

Thanks a lot Michael and Casper – we wish you merry christmas and a happy new year!

Für alle nun hier der Link zum unveröffentlichen Video zu “Revolutionsromantik”!

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