MATT & KIM – Interview

Matt & Kim haben ein aufregendes Jahr hinter sich – ihre CD „Grand“ bedeutete so etwas wie ihren Durchbruch, es wurde ausgiebig getourt, man gewann einen MTV Video Music Award (Breakthrough Video) für das „Lessons Learned“-Video. Also verständlich, dass man sich nur kurz fassen kann im Interview und dafür lieber große Banner an New Yorker Wolkenkratzer anbringt, am Times Square strippt oder auf der Brooklyn Bridge rumturnt – wahre New Yorker eben! Trotzdem wollen wir euch unser Interview nicht vorenthalten, immerhin haben die beiden schon eine relativ genaue Vorstellung über die nächsten Pläne, die ja auch für uns etwas bereithalten könnte – ein neues Album….dazu können wir nur sagen: „Yea Yeah“!

1.) Band facts

 – Name: matt and kim
Band members: matt and kim
Founding year: 2012
Residence: bk till i die
Current album: grand

2.) Questionnaire:

How did you become a band?      
by pure accident!
How did you come up with your band name? 
it’s our names
How would you describe your musical style?
dance punk
Which musical influences do you have?  
pop punk and top 40 hip hop
With which person would you like to work together and why?
jay z … have you heard empire state of mind.  best song of the year.
What are you doing besides music? 
I don’t think there is any time outside of music.
Why did you decide to record your album “Grand” in Matt’s parents’ house?
the rent can’t be beat!
What did they think about it?
Matt’s parents have always been super supportive…. they are awesome!
What importance do music videos have, since MTV&Co are no real music television broadcaster anymore?
Don’t tell me music television is dead… Have you ever heard of rock of love! Real talk!  MTV has been really awesome to us and they are working at bringing back music to the station.
Honestly – how was the “Lessons Learned” video shot? How was the shooting?
We just jumped out of the van and did it …. i kind of blacked out because i was so nervous!
3 top albums 2009? Why?
1. jay z – blueprint 3 …. because it has empire state of mind on it!
2. major lazer – guns don’t kill people lazers do.  This album makes you want to drop down low! real low!!
3. matt and kim – grand  The only thing that would make this album better is if it had empire state of mind on it
What did you learn 2009?
how to open a beer bottle with a water bottle. 
Your best personal experience in 2009?
the woodie awards was an amazing day for us. 
Your plans for 2010?
we will finish writing in january and then recording in feb – march.  Our first show back will be coachella and then as we do we will tour non stop for the rest of the year!  We were talking about taking a two week vacation in april and going to one of those club med type spots… i am not really into the club med vibe but i really want to be able to order a drink from a bar that i have to swim to while in a pool!  
What’s on your rider?
budweiser, water and some chips and salsa.  We haven’t been getting that in europe though…


(Photo by Tod Seelie)


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