BROADCAST 2000 – Interview

Hinter Broadcast 2000 versteckt sich Multiinstrumentalist Joe Steer und live noch eine ganz Horde anderer Musiker – wovon man sich demnächst auch in Deutschland ein Bild machen kann. Davon dass sich der Weg zum Konzert lohnt, kann man sich seit Anfang des Jahres auf der selbstbetitelten Debüt-LP überzeugen (hier gibt es unsere Kritik). Wie das Album zustande kam und vieles mehr, erfährt man in unserem Interview mit Joe, der sich unter anderem als Kontrollfreak outet.

1.) Band facts

– Band Name: Broadcast 2000
– Band members: Joe Steer (+ various musicians for the live show: Tom Andrews (glockenspiel), Chris Banner (percussion), Pedro Del Battenberg (percussion), Louise Golbey (harmony vocals), Greg Cordez (double bass), Kelly Underdown (violin), Jade Brightwell (violin) Sarah Triggs (viola) and Alex Eichenberger (cello).
– Founding year: 2008
– Residence: London
– Current album: ‘Broadcast 2000’

2.) Questionnaire:

– How did you start making music at first (and as a multi-instrumentalist what was your first instrument)?
I started learning to play cello and piano when I was about 6 I think, my mother used to be a piano teacher so pushed me in the right direction! In my teens I taught myself to play guitar and bass and started playing in indie bands..

– What were the reasons for learning other instruments after the first?
No specific reason..why not? In fact I’m not a fantastic player on any instrument. Jack of all trades, master of none (As the saying goes).

– How did you come up with your band name? What meaning has it for you?
Quite a boring story, there was a (much out of date) calendar hanging on my bedroom wall, above where I recorded the music. The calendar had come with a UK magazine called ‘Broadcast’ and was from the year 2000. I was thinking about a name for this recording project, and that was in huge letters above where I was doing it. I like it that the name has no musical connotations, it gives me scope to do whatever I like style wise

– We read that you see Broadcast 2000 as both a solo project and a band – can you explain that?
In terms of the songwriting and recording process it is a solo project. I have roped in other musicians to help me play the songs live.

– What were the reasons for staying a one-man-band (or at least not being a bigger band all the time)?
Maybe I’m a control freak! I’m quite happy working on my own..I had a good idea of how I wanted this music to sound and didn’t really want to compromise that.

– At first you did write and arrange the songs with the thought to let someone else sing them – how come that you ended up singing them now?
I still don’t really like hearing my own voice on the recordings.. I’m not a great singer. But I got a surprisingly positive response when I played the original recordings to my friends. So with their encouragement I’ve persevered with it, and grown in confidence a bit.

– Which musical influences do you have?
Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Paul Simon, The Beatles, Mahler, Penguin Cafe Orchestra.. The list could go on, and on!

– What are you as a musician doing at the moment?
I’m taking my songs and playing them live, in an attempt to promote this album.

– With which person would you like to work together and why?
From past experience I’ve realized I’m not very good at sitting down with someone in a room and trying to write a song together. I find I generally end up pulling in a different direction, and we both end up compromising on how each think it should sound. I’m more of a solitary worker! But in a fantasy world, if it were some kind of ‘over-the-net’ recording calibration I’d happily work with Thom Yorke (if he asked nicely!)

– Could you tell a bit how the production of your debut took place (where, how long, what were the difficulties)?
The main bulk of the songs were recorded in my bedroom in North London. I then took my recordings to Eastcote studios to work with a producer (Eliot James) to add finishing touches and get some help mixing. I’m far more comfortable tinkering around with recordings in my own time so I think that will remain a constant in my music. Saying that, it was great to get a fresh pair of ears and a second opinion from Eliot. I’ve got no professional experience of music production and a limited set-up at home so he helped me add extra layers (violins, extra percussion etc) and made sure it all sounded good technically.

– How do your songs normally come into existence?
I always start with the music then the lyrics come later. Generally I’ll start by looping some guitar chords using my laptop recording software. Then I’ll build a recording from there. The recording and the songwriting process are very much the same thing for me.

– Our favorite songs of the album are “I Hold My Breath” & “That Sinking Feeling” – could you tell what the songs are about and how they came into existence (and maybe if there is a story behind them)?
I prefer not to attempt to explain meanings behind my lyrics. They are personal to me and I’m happy for people to interpret in there own way. That’s how I listen to music (without any further explanation), so I assume there’s others out there that do the same.

– What are your 3 top albums 2009?
Wild Beasts, Two Dancers
Left With Pictures, Beyond All Means
Noah And The Whale, The First Days of Spring

– Your plans for 2010?
Continue promoting album no.1 (SXSW in US, European tour date, festivals etc) Record album no.2!

– What’s on your rider?
A cup of tea and a packet of Oreos.

– How would “your Bedroomdisco” look like?
Not really a fan of disco. I’ll just take the bedroom and sleep.

– Which song makes you dance – independent of the situation?
I’m clearly not the right frame of mind for this questionnaire!

– Which song would fit to your feeling/situation in this moment?
‘The final countdown’

– Who did fill out this questionnaire?

Thanks a lot, Joe! We’re looking forward to see you with your band during the tour…


Hier die Live-Termine:

5. Mai Hamburg, Molotow Club
6. Mai Frankfurt, Das Bett
7. Mai Duisburg, Steinbruch
8. Mai Saarbrücken, Sparte 4
9. Mai Köln, Motoki
11. Mai Osnabrück, Kleine Freiheit
14. Mai Ludwigshafen, Das Haus
15. Mai Berlin, Magnet


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