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Was geht denn da ab in Belgien, fragten sich auf ein Mal alle – Soulwax, Waxdolls oder eben auch Goose lieferten astreine elektronische Klänge, irgendwo zwischen Rock-Band und elektronischen Gefrickel. “Low Mode“, “British Mode“, “Bring It On” hießen die Hits des Debütalbums “Bring It On” von Goose…und dann wurde es lange still um das Quartett aus Kortrijk. Damit ist jetzt Schluss: Album Nummer 2 mit dem Titel “Synrise” ist draußen, demnächst eröffnet man in Deutschland für Underworld und wer weiß – vielleicht folgt dem ganzen auch noch eine große Headliner-Tour. Wer die Band beim diesjährigen Berlin Festival gesehen hat, wird die Finger kreuzen, dass es klappt und die Band demnächst in seine Nähe kommt. So oder so – wir haben die Veröffentlichung von “Synrise” als Anlass genommen mal zu fragen, was man denn die ganze Zeit getrieben hat bzw. wie die neue Platte entstand – viel Spaß beim Bedroomdisco Interview mit Goose!

1.) Band facts
Band members: Mickael Karkousse / Bert Libeert / Dave Martijn / Tom Coghe
Founding year: 2001
Residence: Kortrijk, Belgium
Current album: Synrise

2.) Questionnaire:
How did you meet each other and became a band?
Mickael and Bert already knew each other from kindergarten. So they have always been friends. During high school Dave got to know Bert and Mickael and so they formed a band. Eventually I (Tom) joined the band and Goose was born.

Who had the idea to name the band Goose and where did the inspiration came from?
The name Goose is a character from the movie Top Gun. This was a 1980’s film we all liked when we were kids. Also the band loves airplanes, runways, etc. so this makes sense. And on top of that Goose was a musician in Top  Gun, he played the piano! Plus it a short name that sounds good.

How would you describe your musical style?
Electro rock?

Which musical influences do you have?
ACDC / Les Rythmes Digitales / Daft Punk / Depeche Mode / Giorgio Moroder / …

How did the contact to Soulwax develop?
The guys from Soulwax invited Dave to play guitar on the “Any Minute Now” tour. Since then we have a strong connection with them and we see them as our musical cousins. We can always count on their good advice. We’re really looking forward to play on the Soulwaxmas tour in November and December, which will take us to many places in Europe.

It had been pretty quiet about you a long time after your debut was released and your tour – what had you been doing since then?
Well, after we released the first album we’ve been touring for 2 years all across Europe, Japan and Australia. This was a great experience, we got to know so many new people and received so much new influences. When we started to write on the second album, we didn’t want to repeat ourselves so we took the time to search for the right sound and the right songs.

“Synrise” is your second album – what would you say are the main differences between your Debut and the current album in your opinion?
While “Bring It On” was an uptempo, happy, hands-in-the-air experience, we wanted something else for Synrise. We got inspired by ’80s movie soundtracks and names such as Philip Glass, Giorgio Moroder and Vangelis. Even though all the songs on Synrise are in the minor key, they’re not sad songs but they are uplifting and there is hope.

Can you describe the writing/production process (where did you record, what were the difficulties) – did it change since the time of “Bring It On”?
We wrote the songs and made the demos in our home studio in Kortrijk. This is a great place to work in but for the actual recordings we moved all our equipment to Jet Studios in Brussels where we spent our summer recording the tracks. This is an old, atmospheric studio where even The Rolling Stones and Edit Piaf recorded. This studio has a great sounding room so we used a lot of  live drums and live analogue synth takes and we tried to make the album as organic as possible.

With which person would you like to work together and why?
There were a few names on the shortlist to produce the album but eventually we made the album ourselves. I guess initially we wanted to give somebody else the responsibility but we soon found out that the only people who could have made this record was the four of us.

3 top albums 2010? Why?
* Ivory Tower by Gonzales – multi talented artist, lots of respect for his work, also check his “Solo Piano” album!
* One Life Stand by Hot Chip – top quality, a truly unique band
* No Problem by Jamaica – this album was produced by Xavier from Jamaica. We played together a couple of times already and became friends with the Jamaica guys, they’re really nice people and we even made a remix for their song “Short and entertaining”

Your plans for 2011?
A lot of touring. We’ve been in the studio for so long that we want to do now what we do best: playing live!!

Which festival – you were playing – was your favorite? Why?
Melt festival was an amazing experience. The location is wonderful with the old mining machines and the atmosphere is amazing. We played a great gig for a great crowd and had one of the best parties of the previous tour.

What is on your rider?
Just the usual things, no crazy stuff. Drinks, sandwiches, fruit, a bottle of champagne and a bottle of rhum. And some local magazines.

– Which song is your all time favorite and makes you dance every time?
Da Funk by Daft Punk.

– How would your “Bedroomdisco” look like?
With a lot of cheap light effects.

– Which song would fit to your actual mood/situation?
Blitz by Digitalism.

– Who did fill out this questionnaire?



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