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Frankreich – das Land des catchy Elektro-Pop. Der nächste Export dieser Art: Minitel Rose. Seit 2008 verbreitet das Trio um Quentin, Raphael und Romain gute Laune-Tanzmusik, irgendwo zwischen cheesy-Synthy-Sound und Indie-Rock – genau das was es auch auf “Atlantique” zu hören gibt, dem aktuellen Album der drei, das Mitte des letztens Jahres erschienen ist. Vor wenigen Wochen war die Band im Rahmen ihrer Tour für ein Konzert in Frankfurt – präsentiert von! Live fügten sich die Songs der Franzosen noch basslastiger und treibender zu einem Set zusammen, dass die komplette anwesende Besucherschaft zum Tanzen zwang. Wir haben die Band daraufhin zum Mailer-Interview gebeten – Minitel Rose im Bedroomdisco Interview!

1.) Band facts

Name: Minitel Rose
Band members: Quentin + Raphael + Romain
Founding year: 2008
Residence: Nantes & Paris (France)
Current album: Atlantique (2010 June)

2.) Questionnaire:

How did you meet and how did you decide to make music together?
We met each other ten years ago on the west coast france. It was summer and holiday. Raphael use to spend some times in two sea city called Pornic and La Baule. There he met Quentin and Raphael. We quickly starting to share our records first and then starting doing music. Raphael & Romain started a free jazz band, and after an austrlalian year of Quentin we decide to start a brand new band. We wanted to do something different when we used to sample we wanted to do all by ourself. Our only line was to have fun.

Do you remember the first song you’ve ever written? What was it about/do you remember a line of it?
Yes it was a synthetic instrumental which founded the base of our electro pop orientation. We quickly add some voices to get our final orientation.

In which situation did you came up with the name “Minitel Rose”, why did you choose it and what meaning has it for you?
We were in pornic with our friends sharing drinks late in the night. We just decided to create the band and before doing a single note we wanted to find the good name. We did a brainstorming to find the cooler name, and then Minitel Rose came. The Minitel Rose is a french father of sexy chat. It’s sharing feelings with a machine, which is exactly what we do.

How do you normally work on songs? What are the steps/processes, what are the usual problems of finishing a song?
We always started 10 songs to get a final one, there are always “little sister” as we call them. Which songs we made got a different history. We can compose the three of us together, just one or two, but at he final time we all put a bit of us inside.

How was the production process of your new record “Atlantique”, how long did it take, where did it happen, what were the difficulties?
We rent a big house in Pornic, we put there all our material and during one month we made a record. Some songs was already composed some borned there. We mixed the songs by ourself in one week just after.

“Too Late” is one of our favorite songs – can you tell us what it is about, how it was done and if there is a story behind it?
This one was composed by Quentin first, it’s a song a bit different from the other, but finally they all are different from the others… It’s a funky song and Raphael bring a sexy sing on it. There is no real story about it. But when we did that songs we listen it a lot in the car.

How do you work when you make a remix of a song? What makes a remix a good remix, in your opinion?
We keep the vocals we try to don’t listen the original and do something different. Sometimes it’s work sometimes not, it’s a good exercise cause you can try things before doing it in your own tracks.

What is the difficulty in making dance music in your opinion?
To don’t fall in the easy stuff. There is a lot of code in the dancing music that you have to forget.

Do you see a reason why there is so much dance music coming from France?
Don’t know and the french are not really into dancing by the way so that’s true that it’s a bit strange. But it’s good to finally have a focus on french music. iI’s hard to french musician to grow in the shadow of USA and UK so maybe it’s way to don’t take the music not to seriously.

In what situations do you write songs/lyrics/which themes do inspire you to write songs?
Always with the music. For us the music inspired the words. Maybe it will change but until now it was like that. Our feelings, some movies, our life of course inspired our lyrics. The theme are universal but we try to get unreal story telling.

At which point did you know that your record is finished?
As we get only one record experience it’s a bit hard to answer it. At the end of our month of works for atlantique we got 13 songs, we wanted to get a 10 songs album but it was to choose beteween them so we keeped all of them.

What are your next plans?
Keep touring and do a new album.

What are you doing if your not making music?
We organize party. We produce other musicians with our label “FVTVR”. But that’s true that making music take a major part of our time.

What did you learn in 2010?
That we got only two years before the end of the world.

Your Top 3 records of 2010 – why?
Tame Impala
Bag Raiders

Which song would fit to your actual situation?
Right now we are listening a lot the new Cut Copy album and the new toro y moi albums and they are really great album.

Which song makes you dance independent of your situation?
Let’s Dance from Bowie

How would your “Bedroomdisco” look like?
Plenty of stuff.

Who did fill out this questionnaire?

MINITEL ROSE ATLANTIQUE from Félix Amadeus on Vimeo.


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