Wenn Jungs in Schweden zur Gitarre greifen, dann sind die Mando Diao-Vergleich nicht fern – gerade wenn es wie bei den Stockholmern von The Fast Forwards sogar noch Berührungspunkte gibt. Diese wären nämlich, dass im Studio der großen Vorbilder, angeleitet von Mitgliedern (Mats Björke und Carl-Johan Fogelklou) eben dieser Songs produzierte. Und wie es sich für eine ordentliche Indie-Rock-Band gehört, tourt man auch von Norden nach Süden alles ab, was eine Bühne hat – und brannte dabei vor Spielfreude fast die Läden nieder. Nächste Woche Mittwoch ist dann auch der nächste Deutschland-Tour-Start des jungen schwedischen Quartetts in Frankfurt im Sinkkasten bzw. die komplette Tour wird von präsentiert – weshalb wir es uns auch nicht nehmen ließen die Band vorher via Mail mit Fragen zu löchern: The Fast Forwards im Bedroomdisco Interview!

1.) Band facts

– Name: The Fast Forwards
– Band members: Gabriel Alares, Christian Alares, Mikael Hörnaeus, Magnus Nilsson
– Founding year: 2007
– Residence: Stockholm, Sweden
– Current album: Self titled

2.) Questionnaire:

– How did you meet and how did you decide to make music together?
I met the guitarist of Gabriel and Christians’ (who are brothers) former band at a party and started hanging out. When that guitarist quit, I joined in and this band emerged. Magnus came a year later. We had a few others before him, but they didn’t really feel 100%. I guess we decided to make music together, at first, because it made sense musically. Now we do it, first and foremost, cause we’re friends.

– Do you remember the first song you’ve ever written? What was it about/do you remember a line of it?
Haha, I do! I don’t remember much of the lyrics though, but it was about me being hungover, recalling what happened the night before. I think I was fourteen. And I remember there being a girl involved. Complete shit song! I still remember the melody and it almost gives me the creeps.

– In which situation did you came up with the name “The Fast Forwards”, why did you choose it and what meaning has it for you?
It doesn’t really have meaning to us at all. It’s just a name. Not an especially good one either, haha. But we have to call ourselves something so this works as well as any name I guess.

– How do you normally work on songs? What are the steps/processes, what are the usual problems of finishing a song?
It differs a whole lot. Sometimes I come with a verse and show Gabriel who writes a chorus to it, or vice versa. Sometimes Gabriel or me write everything including all melodies and percussions, other times it starts with nothing but a humming melody and three chords and the four of us all go down to the studio and figure it out.
It depends a lot on inspiration and in a weird way it depends on what song is about to be written. A song can be written in 10 minutes or in 10 years and you never really now where it’s gonna go. Usually it starts off with a melody popping up in your head from nowhere, or maybe a lyric. From there, anything can happen. It’s kind of exciting to see what’s going to happen with the song when you start off, actually.

– How did you get in contact with Thomas Rusiak and what influence did he as someone who is more known for Hip-Hop than for Rock have to your first record?
He was DJing at the same club we were doing a show one night. He liked what we were doing and we got to talking basically. I think you can hear that it’s produced by a hip hop producer in one way. The drums (beats) are very in synch with the crisp vocals. I think he did a great job. Other than that it’s just small things, he has a different perspective on how a song should be, flow-wise and such. He did have a lot of ideas that ended up being on the record as far as additional tambourines and subtle stuff, but we always had the last word. And I think that’s important, no matter who you’re working with.

– How did you then come in contact with the guys from Mando Diao?
We performed at the Swedish Grammy Awards and they saw us play. After that it was the same as with Rusiak I think, they approached us, we got to talking and at the end of the night we decided we would try out a few songs in their studio.

– What can you tell about the songs you recorded with Mats Björke and Carl-Johan Fogelklou? How was the production taking place? When will they be released?
We recorded a bunch of songs, but only two ever really saw the daylight. Felicia, which is available on Itunes right now, and Over The Surface, which will be released Feb 11th. The other songs might end up on our album later this fall, we’ll see what other songs have come to us until then.
Mats and Carl-Johan are really easy going guys, so working with them was a pleasure. It was basically recorded live and we really tried to capture that on tape as well. I’d like to think we managed that pretty good! There’s a little video thing of us recording in their studio on our myspace page, if anyone’s interested.

– “As You Were” is one of our favorite songs – can you tell us what it is about, how it was done and if there is a story behind it?
As You Were is song that was written by me in a lot of anger, about a person who’s been very much in control over others but who’s narrow-minded and not at all in touch with emotions. The kind of person who should not be in any position of power over other peoples life’s. I’m glad you guys like it, it’s an honest little tune, that one!

– In what situations do you write songs/lyrics/which themes do inspire you to write songs?
I have a hard time sleeping quite frequently. A melody usually pops up when i’m lying in bed staring at the roof. When it does I try to record it as fast as possible and take it from there whenever I feel like composing. As far as themes go, it’s all about what state you’re in while writing. It has to be in order to be honest. If I feel mellow, I could never write a happy song. It would probably make the worlds lousiest feel good song if I did. I was never really good at writing happy songs at all actually, interpret that however you want. haha.

– You will be in Germany for touring again – what are you most looking forward to?
The audience, who’s always been good to us, and German food! We all love German food. But yeah it’s always intriguing to see the audience, new faces and old. Looking forward to it!

– What was the best dish you ever ate while being on tour?
I love the schnitzel burgers that you have at the gas stations in Germany. That beats almost any fancy restaurant dish in my book. Then again, I’m not much for fancy things.

– What are your next plans?
We’re currently working on our next full length album which should be available sometime this fall. It’ll be a bit more experimental I recon, while not leaving out what we feel we’re good at. Strong melodies and all that. And we very recently signed with x-why-z, and they’re planning a tour for us this fall as well. The GSA countries first and foremost, but perhaps one or two more will slip in as well. Looking forward!

– What are you doing if your not making music?
We do what everyone else is doing! Go out, travel, compete about silly things, laugh and argue!

– What did you learn in 2010?
Musically we learned not to stick to what works. If we do, we get bored and shit songs follow. It’s important to keep music fresh. Always battle boredom! In music, as in real life.

– Your Top 3 records of 2010? Why?
Cold War Kids – Behave Yourself (EP). Lyrically genius and raw in a perfect way.
Foals – Total Life Forever. It’s just a refreshingly experimental and intuitive record. Listen to Spanish Sahara and you’ll get struck. I promise
Arcade Fire – The Suburbs. They have a way of capturing certain vibes and keep them throughout their songs. The first two songs always give me goosbumps.

– What was the best movie you saw in 2010?
Shutter Island. Or The Road. Can’t decide between them!

– Which song would fit to your actual situation?
Uhm… At the time of answering this… Foals – Spanish Sahara.

– Which song makes you dance independent of your situation?
No song can make me dance if I’m not in the mood. If I am, any last song being played at a club before heading elsewhere!

– How would your “Bedroomdisco” look like?
Probably exactly like my friend Victor’s apartment. It used to be an underground club and all the walls are in dark red. Sinful stuff has happened there, no doubt.

– Who did fill out this questionnaire?
Yours truly, Mikael

The Fast Forwards >> in the Mando Diao studio

The Fast Forwards >> | Myspace Music Videos

The Fast Forwards Deutschland-Tour:

23.02. Sinkkasten Frankfurt
24.02. Zwölfzehn Stuttgart
25.02. Slow Club Freiburg
26.02. 59:1 München
28.02. Heimat Regensburg
02.03. Pogo Belzig Bad Belzig
03.03. White Trash Berlin
04.03. Mau Club Rostock
05.03. Molotow Hamburg


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