TEAM ME – Interview

Es dürfte kein Geheimnis mehr sein, dass wir von Bedroomdisco große Fans der neuen Ja Ja Ja Konzertreihe in Berlin sind. Nach zwei ausverkauften Events steht nun schon die dritte Veranstaltung vor der Tür. Dieses Mal beglücken uns Team Me,  Cancer und Adna. Das sollte man also auf keinen Fall verpassen und sich am 13. November in den Fluxbau begeben zu Ja Ja Ja Berlin presents Team Me, Cancer + Adna. Zur Einstimmung haben wir mit Team Me ein Interview geführt.

Band facts

Name: Team Me
Band members: Marius, Uno, Elida, Bjarne,Simen & Simen.
Founding year: 2010
Current album: Blind As Night


Marius, the original intention for Team Me was a solo project – how did it transform into a six piece band?
One of my songs made it to the finals in this radio contest, and they asked me to perform one of my songs infront of an audience.
I kind of freaked out about it, so i phoned up some of my friends and asked if they would help me out.
Luckily they all said yes.

How would you differentiate your style of pop?
Well everyone`s been using the term “Indie”, but I didnt feel like it would describe our music well enough, so we kind of labeled ourselves as a pop act.
I guess all of the orchestrated stuff on our records is somehow “different” than your everyday chart-pop.

You have mentioned that you would not want to do the same album twice. Could you describe that process from To The Treetops! to Blind As Night? 
Our first album was so much easier to make, honestly.
I guess we we`re over-analyzing everything this time around, which wasnt all that good, hehe.
And there were of course expectations, which sometimes can suck big time. Especially if your are a nervous person, like I am.

You guys are a six-piece band, and obviously with many different influences. How do you come to a compromise with such diverse backgrounds?
I don’t know! Its so strange that we dont argue more than we do. (knock on wood)

Also, when it comes to songwriting, what kind of different perspectives do you have?
Some songs are written on a guitar, some on a piano and others are programmed.
Sometimes I have words before I start playing an instrument, sometimes not.

Is there a significant ‘aha!’ moment for Team Me during the entire time you have been making music?
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

Have you taken any big risks along the way?
Not really.
Some of us left our girlfriends/boyfriends, some quit their jobs.

You’re from Oslo – what are your thoughts on experiencing different cultures while you’re on the road, and which has impacted you the most?
I am from a small place called Elverum, its a 2-hour drive from Oslo and its in the middle of the woods.
Japan, without doubt. Everything is different over there. They still sell tamagotchi`s in Japan. That is awesome.

Having your music described once as “good glee”, I’ve felt some sort of an underlying powerful force in most of your tracks. What influenced you to have such a sound?
A lot of different bands. Sufjan Stevens, Truls and the Trees to name a few.
I was in this stoner trio back in days, I think that inspired me to do something totally different.

Many critics have labeled you to sound like Arcade Fire. For your next offering, what would you like music journalists to describe you as?
To be honest, I really dont know. I love Arcade Fire, by the way. They are exellent songwriters.

What are you doing when you’re not making music?
Fishing. I love fishing. I does not include music at all and it doesnt have to involve a lot of people.

What did you learn in 2014?
I understood the importance of Prince and Ariel Pink.
I also learned how to survive without any money at all.

Which song would fit to your actual situation?
Opus – life is life

Which song makes you dance independent of your situation?
Teencats – Elisabeth

How would your „Bedroomdisco“ look like?
It would have a really nice soundsystem and a record player (and of course a shitload of records)