KAFKA TAMURA – Interview

Als Gabriel und Patrick Emma auf Soundcloud entdeckten, war diese gerade mal 15 Jahre alt und lebte in Southampton, England. Trotz Altersunterschied und Distanz wurden 2013 Kafka Tamura geboren und beglücken uns schon Mitte August mit ihrem Debutalbum “Nothing To Everyone”, welches man schon jetzt auf ihrer Website vorbestellen kann. Wir trafen das Trio zum Interview in Berlin.

Last time I saw you, you played a concert for Bedroomdisco, what has changed since then?
Gabriel: The album is finished and a lot changed. The main thing was the recording of our debut album.
Emma: Also I finished school last year as things got more serious with the band but I still live in England. We had quite some trouble with the last tour because I would have gotten kicked out of school for missing too much class.

When you played for us you had just met in person for one of the first times, how was that?
Patrick: That was great. We still think of it as a really nice show and it was really good that we brought our own subwoofer. I hope they didn’t get kicked out of the apartment after that. We are playing at the Golden Leaves Festival in September so the cooperation never really ended and we are really excited to meet the team again.

How did your tour go so far?
Emma: Our concert in Berlin had the best response so far and it was really great.
We always sell merch after the concert and had the chance to talk to people and they were all really nice.

In 2013 you sold some songs of the new album as a download, on the album they sound quite different though, especially “Lullabies“.
Gabriel: During the final recordings we made some changes. For example you know two versions of “Lullabies“ but there were many more. The main melody is still in the song but the sound has changed. It was a conscious decision to move the sound of the song a little more towards what the other songs were like. Lullabies was the very first song we made together and since then we developed as a band. Making the song sound a little different was important to make the record a record, and not just a collection of songs.

What would you say is the main theme of the album?
Emma:Surrealism. That is the one thing we always kept in our minds while we were recording and writing the album. Also, for our videos we like to make it our main aspect of us.

How do you translate that to your music?
Emma:I like to take ordinary situations, like having an argument, I like to take that and make it into something that wouldn’t really happen. I went through my phase where I wrote about teenage angst, like getting acne and stuff, but I grew out of it.
Patrick: The lyrics Emma writes are really open to interpretation.

How do you manage to stay close as a band while living so far apart?
Patrick:Of course it is different to bands that live in the same city. We will never meet on the street by accident and go for a drink. I think we can use the music to stay close because that is our main connection. The more serious it gets with the band, the more time we spend together anyways. We’ve been touring quite a lot since February and spent a lot of time together that is quite intense.

Do you have a memory of the time you first met.
Emma: The first time we met we shot the video for No Hope, then went basking which was a normal thing to do but there wasn’t really much time to get to know each other. That just happened over time.

Talking about videos: In your new video there is quite some amount of black paint being thrown around. What does that symbolize to you?
Gabriel: There is one colorful world that Emma lives in and there is the black forest where we are dressed in black. It symbolizes the different countries and lifestyles between Emma and us and the black paint in the video mixes both worlds up. In the end something steps out.
The main intention was also to say that there is no good or bad world. We didn’t come ta save Emma but just to get to her.

What’s next?
Patrick: We’re gonna play in London next week, guest list only, and then we are gonna play a few festivals in Europe.

Golden Leaves Festival!
Gabriel: Yes! We are super excited! We hope it will be as nice as the concerts that we played. Nice people who actually care about music.

What is the absolute perfect vision for the band?
Emma: The absolute dream for me would be as many people as possible to hear our music and like us and just get out there.


Foto-und Videographin, Fotoredakteurin und Bedroomdisco-Lover

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