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KOVACS – Interview

Kovacs - Interview
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Ein kahl geschorener Kopf, ein düsterer Look und eine markante Stimme! Kovacs aus Holland ist mit ihrem rauen Stil und ihrer dunklen Stimme schnell mal in einem Satz mit Amy Winehouse oder Portishead genannt. Ihren Sound hat sie dabei nach ihrem Studium an der Musikschule Rock City Institute in Eindhoven gefunden, nachdem über Facebook Kontakt mit dem holländischen Produzenten Oscar Holleman aufgenommen hatte und dieser sofort von ihrer soulvollen Stimme begeistert war. Soviel zur Vergangenheit – ab in die Gegenwart! Dort hat die junge Holländerin gerade ihr Video im Berliner Stummfilm-Kino Delphi gedreht – Grund genug mal mit ihr über Musikvideos, ihren Look und ihre Musik zu reden!

Kovacs - Interview


– Name: Kovacs
– Founding year: 15.04.1990
– Current album: Shades Of Black


– What is the first music video you can remember watching?
I can not remember which video I watched first but I can remember that I was very impressed by the thriller video of Michael Jackson

– What is your favorite music video?
I have a lot of favorite video’s, Michael Jackson made a few cool ones and also Rammstein and Bjork did.

– In times when music television seams to be dead – what importance would you say do music videos still have?
I think a video now is maybe even more important.. Nowadays you have YouTube, Vimeo and many others and people can decide what they want to watch and whenever they like all over the world, and it gives you the opportunity to tell your story directly to your audience.

– All the images and artwork for Kovacs seam to follow a very clear design – how would you describe it and what do you like about black and white images and videos?
I like black and white, I see it as the beginning or birth of something, for example it is the beginning of photography and film. For me my music already comes in pictures and I have I very clear idea of how it needs to look like, I really much enjoy to find the right creative people to work with them towards my ideas.

– You just shot a new video to your song ‚The Devil You Know‘ – could you tell a bit about the production, how it was shot and what you liked most about the process of shooting the video?
For this clip I collaborated with a very talented and international team that together developed all the ideas. We shot the clip in an old theatre in Berlin where I performed in the city for the very first time … It also hosted in the past shows of Marlene Dietrich. We shot the video in 2 days and later went a few days to Paris for the final edit. I always like the edit the most because then it all comes together and the ideas take a clear shape.

– Can you tell us what the song is about, how it was done and if there is a story behind it?
I wrote this song in New York 11/2 year ago. The song is about your inner devils and struggles, I also wrote this song with a suggestion to some people that had cost me a lot of misfortune in the past, but made me stronger

– How would you describe the dutch music scene?
We are a small country and therefor have a small music scene but with great talent, I think because some of them think bigger and they try to search much more across the borders

– What are you doing when you’re not making music?
Day off.. Recharge, go to inspiring places, meet inspiring people and be creative, come up with new ideas

– What did you learn in 2014?
What did I learn? A lot, how to feel comfortable on stage, handling pressure, solving problems, communication, how to treat my voice ect.

– How would your „Bedroomdisco“ look like?
Chocolate, scary movie, strawberry’s, champagne and my best friends

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