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Foto © Michelle Jekel

Seit dem Debüt Beauty aus dem Jahr 2010 von Kraków Loves Adana verfolgen wir den musikalischen Output des Duos und können uns in den letzten Jahren glücklich schätzen, dass es nach einer Pause zwischen 2012 und 2017 nun wieder in regelmäßigen Abständen neue Veröffentlichungen des in Hamburg lebenden Paares gibt. Am heutigen Freitag erscheint mit Darkest Dreams auch schon das mittlerweile fünfte Album der Band und dafür uns Deniz ein Track by Track geschrieben, mit dem wir noch Tiefer in die unwirklichen Untiefen des neuen Albums eintauchen können. Obendrein hat unsere rasende Fotografin Michelle Jekel die beiden noch in einer Session in Hamburg vor die Kamera gebeten – noch mehr Fotos aus der Session gibt es drüben in unserem Instagram-Kanal!

1. Flowers In The Dark
The first song depicts a classic horror scenario, an innocent girl who gets lost in the woods and is led by supernatural signs into the underworld. There are two kinds of people, those who strive in the dark and those who break in the dark… “Don’t you know, some flowers grow in the dark, some flowers wither in the dark“

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2. Don’t Ask Why

This song describes the moment when you step out of the comfort zone of your own dark mind and realize how beautiful the outside world can actually be… “Kneel over the line, take a look outside“

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3. Faded To Black

„I still got the night sweats“…. Faded To Black describes being haunted by your own past and how the only way to escape these memories is to cut them out completely…. “I wrote all the poems, declared her death but she still lives in my head“

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Foto-© Michelle Jekel

Foto-© Michelle Jekel

4. Paradise On Fire

Paradise on Fire is about a dark entity that’s haunting you in your nightmares. This entity is a reflection of all the dark desires and wishes of the subconscious… “Halfway stuck between the gates she’s turning to the flames“

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5. Love Isn’t Dead

At the brink of a break-up people may tend to be torn between burning bridges and dwelling on past affections. This song is full of nostalgia, melancholy and heartbreak…. “Everything dies“

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6. For A Kiss

For A Kiss is the aftermath to Paradise On Fire. The protagonist in Paradise On Fire has followed the dark entity into the underworld and now wakes up, confused, tainted and alone…. “All This For A Kiss“

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7. Falling In A Dream

This song describes the feeling of being controlled by something or someone and being totally powerless about it…. “I’m falling in a dream“

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Foto-© Michelle Jekel

Foto-© Michelle Jekel


8. The Ocean Between Us

I wrote this song last summer, stuck at home, scrolling through other people’s fancy holiday pictures. This song is for all the goths out there with that summertime sadness… “A summer in the dark, oh summer I give up“

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9. I Want To Want Nothing

How much easier our lives would be if we could just live in the moment without worrying about the past or the future, without constantly judging ourselves for our failures and envying others for their accomplishments…“All I want is to want nothing at all“

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10. Darker Darkness

People forget that if you want to live an authentic life and want to evolve, pain and suffering is inevitable. There lies great power within feeling deeply & having the courage to embrace your own darkness… “I need a darker darkness, I need a better end“

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Foto-© Michelle Jekel

Foto-© Michelle Jekel


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