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2016 erschien das Duo Lea Porcelain, bestehend aus dem Berliner Produzenten Julien Bracht und dem Sänger Markus Nikolaus, mit ihrer melancholisch anmutenden Fusion aus Post-Punk, Indie und Garage und avancierte rasant zu den hiesigen Kritikerlieblingen! Derzeit arbeitet das Duo in ihrem Studio im Berliner Funkhaus am Nachfolger zum Debütalbums Hymns To The Nights und der letztjährigen EP Love Is Not An Empire, welcher in 2021 erscheinen soll. Nachdem Pool Song schon den ersten Hinweis auf das neue Material gab, erscheint heute die neue Single Choirs to Heaven, zu dem uns das Duo ausführlich in unserer about the song-Reihe aus dem Nähkästchen plaudert!

Choirs to Heaven came upon us when dawn showed its most beautiful colors. The Spanish stars in the sky and Moroccan hills on the horizon. Surely it’s one of the most dreamy songs with all the space and poetry to get lost in. It captures the beauty of melancholy and the actual happy feeling of understanding your own solitude. It feels and sounds like we spent a lot of time by ourselves, thinking and going on long afternoon beach walks, with the dry salt lingering on our skin. This track was written in Berlin, but finished in Spain. When we think back on our writing time in Spain, we always remember how everything was in peace and balance when we recorded this song. There was beauty in the imperfection of this song that still made it a whole. We felt an unpredictable future ahead of us and all that we had was us and this new song that would become our guard and shelter for the next chapter. To this day, we still feel that we will be supported by this song for the rest of our lives. All of a sudden, what we once thought was incomplete, appeared in our ears and understanding as some kind of perfection. This is the title track of our upcoming album with the same name Choirs to Heaven, released to be next year.

In terms of video, we had a really good team this time and our friend Peter Kaaden directed the entire concept by himself and got the team together. Lera Abova, is such a great actress that the entire crew had their hair standing from their necks when she acted the scenes. For us, this was a unique possibility to show another side of the song in the video. Lera acted everything by intuition and captured the emotion of everlasting solitude, a doubtful future and the hurtful self that is wined up in this altogether. We filmed most of the video scenes in our beloved Funkhaus that we transformed from a GDR recording studio into a post-apocalyptic bunker. It came out beautiful and as sad as it is, writing about our video that portrays the dystopian future of a society non-existent, there couldn’t have been a better time to share it with the world.

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