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MATT RYDER – Soundless Motion

Matt Ryder ist erst 17 Jahre alt, zeigt aber jetzt schon als  Indie-Troubadour und DIY-Experimentalist was für musikalisches Talent in ihm steckt. Seine stimmungsvolle Electronica erinnert an Künstler wie Mura Masa, RY X und Låpsley. Seine Beats und Texte schreibt er in seinem Schlafzimmer und nimmt dort auch seine Songs auf. Nachdem er letztes Jahr seine Debüt-EP 50FT’ veröffentlichte, kehrt er nun mit der neuen EP Soundless Motion zurück und präsentiert heute mit Mescaline Smoke einen Song aus genau dieser Platte.

Matt Ryder erzählt über Mescaline Smoke: „This song is again heavily inspired by party culture in teenage years, if people take it too far the lines can blur and it will begin to affect everyday life, I saw this first hand. These kids would feel terrible about themselves and when it came to a party would just lose themselves in the night, I thought it was so sick but never experienced it myself.

I found myself constantly being dragged into situations that I didn’t want to be in. Kids trying to live the whole night like it was a f*cking movie as if no one else existed. It came to a point where I would remove myself from these situations and then found myself dragged into other bad scenarios. The grass isn’t always greener type of energy lol. I realised I didn’t really fit into the normal two groups of teenagers and tbf I was fine with that I still had an amazing time and found people the same as me. From this position I could see people fall into all sorts of holes and I felt as if this song was an observation rather than personal experience. It doesn’t always have to be in a party environment, alcohol, drugs, phones all this shit leaks into people’s lives and locks them out from natural life. If you don’t feel like you can handle it don’t do it.

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