Auf dem Melt! 2009 gingen sie ab wie Nachbars Katze und verwandelten das Coca Cola Soundwave Zeit binnen Sekunden in ein stickiges, discofeuchtes und adrenalingeladenes Partymoloch: MC Ena und DJ Sensimilla aka Fagget Fairys aus Kopenhagen. DJ Sensimilla sorgt an den Turntables für die Beats, MC Ena verpasst dem Hörer am Mikrophon eine saftige Ladung Rap und Gesang. Dazwischen Headbanging, wilde Tanzeinlagen und  erotische Kusseinlagen der beiden Damen, die dem Lesbentum damit ein verdientes Denkmal setzen. Feed The Horse”, die Single aus Fagget Fayris´ gleichnamigen Debütalbum  ist DER Clubtrack 2009 und sorgt mit seinem eindeutig zweideutigen Text für knisternde Momente auf dem Tanzflur und der Ping-Pong spielende Synthi für kreativen Ausdruckstanz. Aber Fagget Fairys funktionieren nicht nur im Club, ihre Musik ist ein abwechslungsreicher, vielschichtiger Genremix für alle möglichen Stimmungslagen. Die Bedroomdisco freut sich riesig, dass MC Ena von Fagget Fairys unseren Fragenbogen beantwortet hat. Viel Spaß jetzt mit dem Mailinterview!


1.) Band facts

– Name: Fagget Fairys
– Band members + nicknames:
Elena Carli Cosovic aka. MC ENA (singer)
Carla Cammilla Hjort aka. DJ Sensimilla (DJ/Producer)
Founding year: 2007
– Residence: Copenhagen, Denmark
– Current album: Feed The Horse

2.) Questionnaire:

– How did you come up with your band name?
We wanted a name that represented our sexuality, and not for a pr stunt, hah… as many have said. Growing up being gay, and not really having any openly gay acts to look up to – I mean, surely lots of them, but what we have taken notice of, is that labels and managers are still in an oldschool perception of, that being openly out is bad for business because you will push away, either the male or female audience… that’s BS in our opinion. We don’t do it as a political statement… it’s just what we are, so why not be it openly. Also it was important to bring the fun side of it out, i.e the name…
– How did you become a band?
That was actually rather spontaneous. Carla has been dj’ing now for 9 years, and 3 years ago  when we fell in love, Carla asked me if I wanted to try and freestyle over her dj’set one night, and I thought, why not? That was the first time for me, with a mic in my hand… and I loved it. Was really surprised of what came out of me, same for Carla… we got amazing response from the crowd – from that night one, we found out we we’re starting on a fairytale.
– When and which mood should one listen to your album?
Hah, that’s a tough one… I mean, we’ve got a lot of moods on the album. The entire album was created on the thesis: what mood are we in today –  so the album pretty much is a mixture of moods. I think you have to be pretty open minded  and hopefully it will take you on a journey.
– Which (musical) influences did you have when producing your album?
We can’t really name any names, but our inspiration came from sounds – both of us have a broad taste in music, so the inspiration really came from all over the place. Just sounds and rythms… everything from the sound of a drum in a reggae track to a particular synth we heard in some other random track.
– Which overall topics do you cover in your texts? Why?
Writing is still a really new thing to me… everything has happened amazingly fast, but in its own flow… and from when I first hand a mic in my hand to we did our first ep Samo Ti//Uzela released on Palms Out Sounds in 2007, it all was done as freestyles cause I started in that way – so the process of writing started with freestyling – close my eyes, get in to the mood, and the stories would come. Feed The Horse is about loving women, Mary Jane is about the loveliness of weed, Oci is a traditional Balkan love song made untraditional when singing woman to woman, Negori is about loosing your inner light and glow, what keeps us alive and about over medicating people with depressions.
Your album combines different genres, electro, poppy-housebeats, grime, funk, oriental-balkan beat. Where does this diversity derive from?
It comes from us! I grew up with traditional Balkan on one side, then on the other, I am a MTV child…. I would be glued to the tv in the age of 4 just absorbing all the moves, beat and lyrics… I actually started leaning English watching Mtv, hah!
–  What is the story behind the song “Feed the horse”?
We have our good friend Kaytee, and she’s a funny one that girl! She would always say to us, “ahhh, you’re going home to feed the horse (in Danish)” and that will always make us laugh our pants of. So when we came to NY for the first time to play at our release party for our Samo Ti//Uzela ep back in ’07, we needed a place to stay. Carla’s mom actually suggested another fellow Danish producer called Rasmus Bille Bähncke, who had been living and working in the states for 5 years at that time, producing pop for Mary J. Blige, Sting and had a grammy hanging for Backstreet Boys… he had lived on the story above her years ago, so naturally we contacted him… we arrive and fell in love with the man – amazing spirits, so we invited him to see us performe, he did and we blew his socks of, he says…. We all three knew, that we had to go to the studio together, so the next morning we started working in his home studio…. Carla was quick and said she really wanted to do a lesbian anthem… and we thought of feeding the horse… I jumped on urbandictionary.com, and true enough, feed the horse meant the same in Danish and English.
– 3 top albums of 2009? Why?
Giana Factory – Bloody Game EP / Three girls, drumpads, film noir meets the best surf guitar, cool laidback vocals and dreamy melancholy! Hits me hard.
Miike Snow –  Miike Snow / Just really uplifting good pop.
Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest / They have been praised and for good reason. This makes us warm.
– Your best personal experience in 2009?
That’s easy! EVERYTHING !! WE ARE HIGH ON 2009 ! And 2010 is going to be EVEN more massive ! J It’s been amazing to get so much around the world, and we’re doing it together, which is even more great… We’ve been in Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, all over Belgium, Netherlands……. And the list goes on! We are happy, thankfull and enjoying this amazing ride!
– Your plans for 2010?
We will start producing again in 2010 – it’s been good with a break – I especially have needed to absorb everything that has happened and really get it under my skin. So 2010 is all about more music and hopefully even more gigs all over this amazing globe.
– What’s on your rider?

Hehehe… we have the smallest rider! 1 bottle of Havana Club Rum, that’s all… I don’t even think, that towels are on our rider. The promoters are always: “Wow, you really have a modest rider girls”… hah, don’t know why, but we can’t seem to add anything on that famous list… I don’t want candy, and id rather find my own food… maybe some magazines? If any suggestions, hit us up on myspace or facebook !
– What do you associate with Bedroomdisco?
Love making?
– Who did fill out this questionnaire?
MC Ena

Bedroomdisco says “Thank You” to  Fagget Fairys! <3


Fagget Fairys – Feed The Horse