HAFDIS HULD – Interview

Im Alter von 15 Jahren zog Hafdis Huld als Sängerin der Band Gus Gus los um die Welt zu bereisen. Mittlerweile ist sie solo unterwegs, bzw. hat gerade ihr zweites Album „Synchronised Swimmers“ in ihrer Heimat Island veröffentlicht. 2010 soll es auch außerhalb von Island veröffentlicht werden, einen genaueren Termin gibt es dafür noch nicht. Genauere Termine gibt es allerdings schon für ihre Auftritt in Deutschland – unter anderen wird sie am 08.12. im Ponyhof in Frankfurt gastieren. Wir freuen uns und nehmen das als Anlass euch Hafdis im Bedroomdisco-Interview näher zu bringen:

Photo by: Jason Sheldon @ Junction 10 Photography

1.) Band facts
– Name: Hafdis Huld
– Band members: Hafdís Huld, Alisdair Wright, Sarah Croft, Steve Ling
– Residence: Iceland
– Current album: Synchronised Swimmers

 2.) Questionnaire:
– What did you want to become as a kid?
A singer, an actress, a priest or the president.
– How did you start making music?
I started writing song lyrics in a little book about things that happened around me or things I imagined. I was always singing songs to my mum.
– At the age of 15 you started singing/touring with Gus Gus – how did you first get in contact with them and how did you decide to be part of this at that age? The two filmmakers of the group were taking pictures outside of the church in my hometown Kopavogur. I stopped and asked them what they were doing and we started talking. Shortly after that they offered me a part in a short film they were making, and during the filming of the short film I met the other members and we formed gusgus..
– What did your parents think about this?
My parent are amazing and have always been very supportive of my music career. But of course they made sure that there was always someone looking after me when I was touring with the band. It is not like I could just pack a suitcase and say I am going abroad.
– After leaving Gus Gus you decided to study Contemporary Music in London – why did you decide to do this, what did you take out of this?
I had been singing with electronic bands like gusgus and FC Kahuna since I was a teenager, and I just wanted to explore different kinds of music, learn about differnt styles and learn more about composing music for different instruments.
– How would you describe your musical style?
I normally try not to describe it to people, it is much better to just let them listen to it. But if i have to I would say it’s pop music.
– Which musical influences do you have?
My influences change all the time, I guess my main musical influences at the moment are the people I am working with.
– During our research on you we often came across the name of Dolly Parton – for what reason do look up to her?
Because she is a great musician and a very entertaining character, never afraid of being her self.
– What are you as a band/musician doing at the moment?
I just released my new album Synchronised Swimmers at home in Iceland. I am about to go on an acoustic tour of Swiss and Germany then to London before going home to Iceland right before christmas.
– In 2010 you will release your new album “Synchronised Swimmers” outside of Iceland – what can we expect from it?
Vampires, Ukuleles, stylophones, Action men……
– Can you tell a bit of how the production was done?
We all went to a studio built in an old barn, brought lots and lots of instruments with us, and spent a week recording.
– What development do you see from your last album?
My new album has a bigger sound than the first one. The biggest difference is that for this one I added a rhythm section.
– You were also acting and modelling – what do you like about acting and modelling?
I have always really enjoyed acting, I used to put one my own little shows as  child. Even had a circus in a garage for a while.
– What did you learn 2009?
To play a mean stylophone solo….
– Your best personal experience in 2009?
Buying my lovely little house, in the Icelandic countryside.
– Your plans for 2010?
Releasing Synchronised Swimmers outside of Iceland, and playing lots of gigs. And hopefully write some new songs too.
– What’s on your rider?
Water, lots of chocolate, some sandwiches and a few beers for the boys in my band.
– What do you associate with Bedroomdisco?
People dancing around in pajamas ???
– Who did fill out this questionnaire?

Thanks a lot, Hafdis – see you soon in Frankfurt!




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