FLASHGUNS – Tour-Tagebuch

Bands auf Rock-Tour…ein Mysterium zwischen Fast-Food, Fast-Car, Fast-Drinks und noch vielen anderen schnellen Sachen/Kurzschlusshandlungen. Da wir trotz unserer Akte X-Sucht von damals aber so gar nicht auf Mysterien stehen, wollten wir mehr wissen: Was tun Bands auf Tour, wie bleibt ihnen was in Erinnerung und überhaupt, was bleibt wenn die Tage auf deutschen Autobahnen vorüber sind? Versuchsobjekt Nummer 1: Das britische Trio Flashguns! Für uns schoss die Band einige Bilder und verfassten ein paar Sätze um das Ganze noch mit ein bisschen wörtlichem Inhalt zu verfeinern. Los geht’s:

On thursday night after a show in london, we hit the euro tunnel to begin the 10 hour drive to Halle. We went to the fruit market, it was fun.

On our way into berlin the weather closed in, and fog looked amazing. We took this moody one in a lay by.

After the lido show, we were all in high spirits. We partied to minimal electro at cookies club till eight in the morning. Here’s giles arriving back at the flat the morning after for some heavy napping!

Prinzenbar, hamburg. Will always hold a special place in our hearts being the first show we played in germany in july 2010.

The fourth gig was in Cologne. Went out for dinner with Humming Records. Next day we were in Heidelburg. First day on the tour without any of the label. We met some very cool people and we loved the town. After the show in Heidelburg we went out with the promoter Santiago and hit up some burgers, and a couple more drinks. Morning after the Frankfurt show, loading all of our equpiment into the lift. Frankfurt was loads of fun, was nice playing with some Americans aswell.

Just after arriving in Chemnitz. It had been snowing all day and taken us 6 hours to get there. We couldn’t find the venue for ages, so we just walked around, playing in the snow. Went out and got some nice food, just before the show. After the show we got locked out our hotel room, so ended up sleeping in the van.

Last night in Dresden was a good sending off. Thanks to everybody that came down, and to whoever bought that bottle of Tequila for us all. And finally back in London after a 16 hour non-stop journey. We’re looking forward to being back in Germany at the beginning of next year. See you then.



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