I MIGHT BE WRONG – sind vorbei

dear friends

it’s been quite while since we last came up with something new and we are afraid we have to announce that this is the end of what we called i might be wrong. much has happened during the last year and we are now about to take quite a big step forward and we really feel the need of telling you about what is going to happen.

from this day on the band i might be wrong, as you know it, will no longer be. unfortunately, we all feel the need of going on and experiencing things which simply wouldn’t work out the way we used to arrange ourself within this project. as we took a long break during the last year, we took our time and tried to rethink what we are and where we want to go but just couldn’t get anywhere.

we struggled with this a lot, but in the end there was simply no other way for us, then to split up what we had formed and to let it rest as we move on, before we might get lost in something only half finished. we hope you understand and stay friends with each one of us, as we keep on making music for you just on different channels.

one part of i might be wrong forms into ‘zelf’ and the others are still around as ‘scence(s)’, ‘heimer’, ‘corwood manual’ and ‘siva’. fell free to keep in touch with us and share more lovely moments in the future, we would be glad to see you again.

we also want to give a big thank you to all of those who have been supporting us for such a long time, for all the good things we went through, all the beautiful people we’ve met and every show that you and your friends made so special for us. don’t be down in the mouth, we will meet again.

yours i might be wrong



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