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Rechtzeitig zur Festival Saison erschien letzte Woche Fil Bo Rivas dritte Single des bevorstehenden Debut Albums. Mit Time Is Your Gun veröffentlicht der Wahl-Berliner aus Rom einen mächtigen und dynamischen Indie-Folk-Tune der sich durch verträumte Gitarren Hooks, so wie roughen und diversen Vocals mit jedem Part energiegeladen weiter aufbaut und eine Brücke zwischen EP und Album schlägt. Obendrauf gibt es seit heute eine Live-Session zum Song, gefilmt im Funkhaus Berlin! Wir nahmen das zum Anlass einige Fragen gen Berlin zu schicken – unser Interview mit Fil Bo Riva!


– Founding year: 2015
– Location: Rome. Dublin, Berlin.
– Album: Soon!


How would you describe your music and which influences did you have when you started working on your first songs?
It’s hard to to put music in a category but ours might be calles Bang Pop. As I always say the biggest influence are The Beatles. Always and forever.

You are around since a while, have toured a lot, played a lot of supports and festivals – is that the reason that we are still waiting for your debut record?
The reason why the album is not coming out tomorrow is that I want to the take enough time to work on everything that has to do with the album. For example the artowrk has still to be done, videos and we still want to record some interludes.

How are things evolving for the record? When are you finding time to write/record or to live your life to have some material to write about?
I had enough time to write lyrics for it and I never worried about that. Things happen every day, if you are at home or on tour. It’s just a matter of what themes you want to write about.

We also heard that you worked yourself around from solo, to duo, to a live trio, to a full band…is this only for the live shows or are you now already recording as a band, why did you choose to get more people on board?
I still record alone or with Felix and Robbie. We are the core when it comes to production. But on the live side I always wanted to play with more people and friends. It’s more fun and you can do more stuff on stage. It’s probably a normal development, don’t you think?

We read that you also not really like to be on stage / on tour – has this gotten better now or how are you feeling about all the upcoming festival shows this summer?
I simply prefer being creative and working in one place rather than being in a bus all day long and waiting for the concert to start. But I got used to it and started to accept it. I really enjoy shows more and more. It’s a good change from being in a studio all day long.

After your first EP you have been releasing single after single now – what is the plan behind that and how would you describe the development from the EP songs to the new material?
I guess there’s always a sound development in music when you give yourself enough time. And I think that’s natural. We just recorded the things we wanted to hear, the sounds we wanted to be our sounds.

Your new single Time Is Your Gun is out just now – could you tell us a bit about the production process, what it is about and in which situation it was written?
Time Is Your Gun is a song that somehow became a bridge between the EP and the upcoming debut album. I wrote the lyrics sometime after the EP was recorded. During the same time I just had met Felix and one day we found ourselves jamming in a rehearsal room… somehow after a few hours we had this song done without knowing we were writing one. I don’t wanna sound too romantic, but I remember that the first chords we ever played were these ones. The words kept developing around the music and soon after we started playing the song live. Until today, we usually open our concerts with this track – the energy we get from it is unique.

When can we expect more from you? Do you already have a plan for the album?
I guess we’ll put out more songs before the album comes out. We want to present different tracks and impressions of it and work with those things.

After the great success of the EP and your last singles – do you feel pressure for the debut record or did the success chance anything of how you work and how you feel towards your songs?
Not really, I don’t feel the pressue from outside. As I said before, we never tried to have that one song that is going to change everything. We just wanted to have a full album with a number of tracks we all love. We sinply had a lot of fun in the studio recording everything!

Fil, you grew up in Rom & Dublin and live in Berlin now for some years – what city would you love to move to and for which reasons?
I’m going to move back to Rome one day. It’s the city of my dreams and unique.

What are you doing when you are not doing music/or are on tour?
Hard to say, but I love nature, being outside or just spend evenigs in good reataurants with my girl and some friends.

What was the last record you brought/listened to?
The last Arctic Monkeys album!


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