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AMBER RUN – Track by Track

Foto-© Daniel Alexander Harris

Drei Jahre nach ihrem letzten Album melden sich Amber Run endlich mit einem neuen Werk zurück. Philophobia – der Titel der neuesten Platte ist durchaus als Konzept zu verstehen: Auf elf sehr eingehenden und sehr emotionsgeladenen Songs lotet die britische Indie-Rock-Formation um Leadsänger Joe Keogh mit viel Leidenschaft und Tiefgang die Horizonte und Abgründe der Liebe aus. Herausgekommen ist ein sehnsuchtsvolles Werk, das die komplexe Thematik der „Angst vor der Liebe“ in ein facettenreiches musikalisches Gewand kleidet (unsere Review zu Philophobia gibt es hier zu lesen!). Wir haben die Jungs passend zum Release des Albums zum Track By Track gebeten!

1. Leader Countdown 
An introduction that reflects the cinematic visual nature of the record. 

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2. Neon Circus
It was one of the first tunes we wrote for the record. We were listening to a lot of rock/alternative and we were really excited to give that a go.

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3. No One Gets out Alive
One of the last tunes we wrote. A bit of an exploration into the existential feelings that turn up every now and again and how there is something oddly comforting in knowing the only certainty is that one day we’ll die.

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4. What Could Be as Lonely as Love
Is all about feeling unworthy of love because you feel unworthy in yourself. A big talking heads reference as they are immense.

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5. Carousel
It’s about a dear friend’s relationship with drugs. 

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6. Affection
Written straight after an argument. The song went through so many costumes but really pleased how it ended up.

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7. Medicine 
Again touches on the difficulty of loving oneself. I’ve had some body image issues in the past and it’s about being helped through that by my partner.

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8. I Dare You
We were listening to a ton of trip hop and thought we’d give it a go. It’s all about sex. Let’s leave it at that hey… 

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9. The Darkness Has a Voice 
It’s a dialogue between myself and the darker side of my brain. The whole song is one long call and response. 

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10. Entertainment
Is about that feeling when you get when you’re not being taken seriously. That you are the butt of the joke and The angst that comes with that 

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11. Worship 
However much you want something – it’s not always going to happen. And sometimes if you get it it’s not always what is best for you.

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