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Georgia Barnes ist die wahrscheinlich heißeste Newcomerin, die das Vereinigte Königreich im Moment zu bieten hat. Mit ihrem Vornamen als Künstlernamen bewaffnet sorgte sie seit der Veröffentlichung der ersten Single About Work The Dancefloor aus ihrem gerade erst veröffentlichten Zweitwerk Seeking Thrills für ordentlich Euphorie! Und so wundert es nun auch nicht, dass ihre derzeitigen, ersten Headline-Shows wieder genau für das sorgt: Euphorie! Wir haben Georgia per Mail mit Fragen gelöchert und präsentieren nun unser Interview mit der ehemaligen Kate Tempest-Drummerin!

– Name: Georgia
– Founding year: 2015
– Location: London
– Album: Seeking Thrills
What is your first memory of a contact with music? 
Watching Leftfield, the band my dad is in, as a kid.

How would you describe your music and which influences do you have?
Innovative electro-pop. Mainly Detroit Techno, Chicago House and Kate Bush. What a combo eh!!

Pop and club music seems to be very important for you and your music – was there a certain situation/time/influence/icon when your musical style formed?
I got sober and began going to clubs around Europe and watching DJs play. I also began to watch how people interacted with each other and the music on the dancefloor. This led to a lot of research… A LOT! I began to dive into the history of dance music and became obsessed with Detroit Techno and Chicago House, and this was the main inspiration for the new album
Is there a certain record / musician that you are always coming back to as favorite? If so, what do you especially like about it?
Kate Bush… she’s just so innovative and diverse as a musician and SO ahead of her time!

What makes a perfect pop song in your eyes nowadays?
Breaking genre barriers

Georgia - Foto-Credit Hollie Fernando
Foto-© Hollie Fernando

Your new record Seeking Thrills is a big step forward in your songwriting, production and composition skills it feels, how would you describe the development? 
Mainly, I began to focus on the dancefloor and making people feel really connected to the music. I wanted the beats to be more infectious and house-y. Music to really dance and lose yourself too. but, I also began to really SING!! And use my voice a lot more, so its combining pop and electronic music, really.

Can you describe a bit the production process of Seeking Thrills, how, when and where it came into life, what was the best/what the worst moment during production and what is the most told anecdote of that time?
Well, I wrote the whole album myself and recorded it in my home studio, taking a lot of production influences from The Chicago House and Detroit Techno scene. It was hard doing it alone, locking myself away – I felt really disconnected to the outside world ‘cos I was so focused on just making the best record I could. But, I think they really came to life when I went into the studio with legendary pop producer Mark Ralph. He just taught me that less is more and to keep it simple and bigger, and bolder.

Is there a certain time of day, mood or situation you need to be in to write music? What works best for you?
I go on these juice fasts, and when I hit a certain point I begin to feel really invigorated, then I can be super focused in the studio – it’s like a high!!

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Started Out is one of our favorite songs from Seeking Thrills – can you let us know what it is about, how it came into existence and if there is a story behind the song?
Just listen to the song!! Piano, vocals, beat – it’s that simple! The production is totally inspired by Chicago House, Frankie Knuckles, which is really simple and not too over-produced.

Your most known for your drumming during your live shows, why did you decide you play only drums live?
Because you can really FEEL and express yourself on the drums!! It’s a tension release – like dancing!

What should we know and what shouldn’t we know about Georgia?
We should know I’m a perfectionist. We shouldn’t know that I can be imperfect too..

What are you doing when you’re not doing music?
Swimming at my local pool

What did you learn in 2019?
Tic toc is a thing apparently!

Which song makes you dance every time?

Georgia Tour:
22.02. Musik & Frieden, Berlin

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