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Das letzte Jahr war für die gerade mal 21-jährige britische Newcomerin Holly Humberstone schon so etwas wie ihr großes Durchbruchs-Jahr, sorgte ihre Debüt-EP Falling Asleep at the Wheel doch für ordentlich Aufmerksamkeit, Platz #2 beim renommierten BBC Sound of 2021-Poll, Nennungen als VEVO DSCVR Artist To Watch oder bei Amazon Music UK, eine Support-Tour für Lewis Capaldi…und dafür, dass die Songwriterin nun auch offiziell bei Universal unter Vertrag steht. Die Zeichen stehen also auch für dieses Jahr ganz klar auf Erfolgskurs, umso mehr, da die Britin aus Grantham auch direkt weiter macht und ihre neue EP The Walls Are Way Too Thin am 5. November veröffentlicht – und daraus erscheint nun der nächste Song Scarlett, den sie ihrer gleichnamigen besten Freundin widmet, der sie beim Beenden einer toxischen Beziehung half.

“This track is my absolute favourite,” sagt Holly darüber. “It’s a fuck you to the guy that was going out with my closest friend Scarlett and it was written as they were breaking up. The relationship was totally one sided and lasted for years. Scarlett was all in and had pretty much planned their future and it was pretty clear to me that he was stringing her along, until he broke up with her in a really insensitive and heartless way. I was her closest confidant and so I knew everything she was feeling, and I’d see how passive he was with her at parties first hand. She vented to me for probably about a year and so I went through all the stages of a break up with her and watched as she slowly realised her worth and that he wasn’t worth her tears anymore. I wanted to write this one from her point of view. It’s a pretty positive song as it’s about her finally letting go, realising his many faults and taking back her life.“

“Sonically and lyrically, Scarlett breaks away from the rest of the EP and in so many ways it feels like such a release,” fügt sie weiter hinzu. “It was really important to me that the music video felt really empowering and a reminder that you can shake off anything rubbish going on in your life and be in control of your own destiny. Obviously the song is about Scarlett so she had to be in the video – especially after being named an ‘emotional grim reaper’ lol. The two of us break into an airport hanger, steal and spray paint an arctic truck, then I perform on the back of it as Scar drives it down the runway. It was honestly the most fun.”

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