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Das deutsche Vorzeige Label Tapete Records veröffentlichte 2009 mit “Cars” das Debütalbum der amerikanischen Indie-Band Now, Now Every Children, nachdem diese zuvor zwei EPs veröffentlicht hatten, die nur in ihrer Heimat erhältlich waren. Mittlerweile gibt es mit “Neighbors” (hier gibt es unsere Kritik) zumindest in Nordamerika eine neue EP und auch der Name hat sich verändert bzw. verkürzt – die Band läuft jetzt nämlich nur noch unter “Now, Now“. Viel Veränderung für das Trio aus Minnesota, dass außerdem auch noch ihr amerikanisches Label wechselte und überhaupt die Zeichen auf Zukunft stellte – ein Fall für ein Bedroomdisco-Interview!

1.) Band facts
– Name: Now, Now
– Band members: Brad, Jess, Cacie.
– Founding year: Formed in 2007.
– Residence: Currently residing in a suburb of Minneapolis in Minnesota.
– Current album: Neighbors EP.

2.) Questionnaire:
– How did you first of all meet and begin to play music together?

Brad and I have been playing music together since we were 15. We met in tenth grade and have been writing together ever since. We met Jess a couple of years ago and decided she would be a perfect addition to our band.

– How did you come up with the band name “Now, Now Every Children” and for what reasons did you now change it to “Now, Now”?
It was originally an inside joke that just ended up becoming our band name. We changed our name just for the sake of simplifying and marking a change in our career. We have been through a lot the past year and it was a way of starting a new chapter without completely starting over. It was something we had been thinking about for a couple of years, but with the addition of a new writing member (Jess) we decided it was a good opportunity to make the change.

– After having released your debut record, you’ve with your “Neighbors”-EP returned to putting out EPs – for what reasons did you come back to the EP-format?
We initially put the EP together without intent of releasing it with a label. We had been working on a full length but also had a few song ideas that we weren’t sure what to do with. Some of them were older songs that we chopped up and completely reworked and some are songs that we didn’t feel would fit as well with the full length material. We were just going to put it out ourselves and make a super limited number of physical copies just so the kids who listened to us knew that we were still working on stuff and not just sitting around doing nothing. But we ended up putting way more work into it than what we thought we would and as a result we are way happier with it than we thought we would be.

– How and where did the production of “Neighbors” take place?
All of the recording and mixing took place in Brad’s basement.

– What change/development do you see on “Neighbors” in comparison with “Cars”?
We are more aware of our writing style now and less afraid to be loud. We have a third writing member which also helped push us into a little bit of a different direction. A less timid direction, while still keeping the elements we liked of Cars.

– How do you normally work on songs, what are the steps you take until a song is finished?
There are three of us all trying to cram our ideas into a song, so it can get a little stressful. But usually just take it one step at a time. A general basic idea that we all branch off of from there. It really varies depending on the song. Writing for us is kind of excruciating since we are all perfectionist. So it is always a lot of continuous reworking for us.

– One of our favorite songs of the EP is “Jesus Camp” – could you tell a bit how it came into existence, what it is about and if there is a story behind it?
Jesus Camp came about when my grandfather died. It is a lot about his funeral. And about religion at funerals. As well as the connection between the two and how that’s kind of uncomfortable for me since I’m not at all religious. But it’s mostly about about my grandpa and how I lost him.

– Are there already plans for a new full-length record/how do they look like?
We have been writing for the past year for this new full length. We are still trying to tie up loose ends on specifics of who we’ll be working with and where. But there are plans in motion. Just have to figure out which one.

– What are you doing if your not making music?
Brad and Jess and I are together every second of almost every day. So when we’re not writing, we are just hanging out with each other. We are all super broke so we can’t afford to really go anywhere or do anything exciting. So we usually just watch Harry Potter movies or TV shows on Netflix while playing with our cats.

– What are your next plans?
We are leaving for a two month long tour this month! First tour in over a year. So we are really excited about that. We are also just trying to get a move on with the full length. We are dying to get that done so people can hear it.

– What did you learn in 2010?
We learned to be cautious and not jump into anything without thinking about it first. We figured out a lot about what direction we want to move in as a band and what we need to do to get there. And equally important, what not to do.

– What were your top 3 records of 2010? Why?
We can’t pick a top 3. But Jess and I have both been listening to a lot of Snowing. They just had a full length come out recently that I can’t stop listening to. We all also love Ke$ha.

– Which song would fit to your actual situation?
I don’t think there is one particular song that best fits our situation at the moment.

– Which song makes you dance, independent of the situation?
BOOTY BOUNCE by Dev. We are so crazy about that song. Dev is so bad ass.

– How would your “Bedroomdisco” look like?
Mine would be full of puppies and cats and animals of all kinds.

– Who did fill out this questionnaire?



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