TORRES – Track by Track

Foto-© Shervin Lainez

Thirstier ist das fünfte Studioalbum der in Brooklyn ansässigen Musikerin Mackenzie Scott, besser bekannt als Torres. Es ist explosiv, punkig, rau – aber auch sanftmütig, stolz und furchtlos. Ihre starke, tiefe Stimme und aufbrausenden Gitarreneinlagen begeistern durchweg. Lyrisch wagt sich Torres an einen entwaffnenden Optimismus, der uns allen guttun würde und entführt uns so, wenn man genau hinhört, in eine fantastische, bebende Indie-Rock-Welt der Superlative. Die US-Amerikanerin hat uns zum heutigen Release ihres neuen Albums ein kurzes und knackiges Track by Track geschrieben!

Torres Tour:
21.03.2022 Berlin, Frannz Club
22.03.2022 Hamburg, Uebel & Gefährlich
23.03.2022 Köln, Bumann & Sohn
24.03.2022 Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof

1. Are You Sleepwalking?

My girlfriend couldn’t find her computer anywhere and I wrote a whole song about thinking you’ve lost your marbles

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2. Don’t Go Puttin Wishes in My Head

My relentless arena country star moment — my shameless Tim McGraw cheeseball hit

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3. Constant Tomorrowland

Hope keeps me alive — I invent the hope, then I give it to other people — pass it on

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4. Drive Me

My insatiable desire — my raging libido

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5. Big Leap

My dad fell off a roof in 2018 — he is alive but paralyzed from the navel down — song is for him

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6. Hug From a Dinosaur

Title emerged from a dream I had — theme is that truth is eternal — also about never stopping

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7. Thirstier

The heart of the record — an ode to monogamy and choosing the one you’re with over and over

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8. Kiss the Corners

The only song on the record about a past lover — a clear examination of what it is that remains after the desire (and the relationship) have gone away

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9. Hand in the Air

This one began as a poem and was then transmogrified into song — it’s about not being able to read someone you love and always guessing what’s about to happen next

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10. Keep the Devil Out

About carrying the team on my back until the world is less fucking shitty

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