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Bereits Anfang des Jahres sorgte Finn Askew mit seiner Debüt-EP PEACH für Aufsehen und konnte die Aufmerksamkeit der Musikindustrie auf seine Songs ziehen. Am 05. November, veröffentlichte der 20-Jährige nun bereits seine zweite EP TOKYO, die aus insgesamt sechs Tracks besteht, die deutlich machen, auf welchem musikalischen Level Finn sich bewegt. Mit Einfluss aus den Genres R&B, Jazz, Rap und Indie-Rock konnte er nicht nur uns, sondern auch Sir Elton John überzeugen, der dem jungen Musiker in seiner Radioshow eine Bühne bot. Wir sprachen mit Finn darüber, ob sich seine Arbeitsweise seit der ersten EP verändert hat, über seine musikalischen Einflüsse und über seine Zukunftspläne.

Hey Finn! How are you today?
Hey! I’m feeling good today, still a little tired as I just got back from touring.

How has 2021 been for you so far?
2021 has been the craziest year for me, I feel like I’ve learnt a lot and grown up a lot too. Been able to work & meet some sick people this year too, so yeah it’s been blessed so far.

You just released your second EP Tokyo. How exited were you before the release and what are your expectation towards the EP?
Yeah, I was excited for sure, I’m super happy that it’s now finally out in the world. I feel like people are gonna see a different side to me, especially with the new track Daffodil, it’s my favorite.

How did your way of making music change since the first EP?
I feel like I knew what I wanted more when it came to putting this EP together. I knew the sound and structure I wanted to get already. So, I feel like it was much easier than the last one.

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How did you get into music in the first place?
My mum and dad. My dad has a real love for music, he used to always play his favorite old bands all the time, like The Smiths, Nirvana, etc., but it was my mum who noticed the connection for my love of music with actually having a go myself. One day she bought me guitar lessons and the rest was history.

You definitely found your own music style – how did you get there?
A lot of trial and error. I mean I don’t think I’ve perfected it yet at all, I still think I’ve got a lot of room to grow. But I’ll get there soon, I’m close.

What were your influences, regarding your own style?
Old rock bands like The Smiths, Nirvana, even some Beach Boys and The Kooks. Also Ed Sheeran was a big inspiration when it came to the whole singer songwriter aspect, alongside Justin Bieber when it came to all the vocal runs and Frank Ocean is up there for sure in terms of storytelling.

One of your first singles Roses was telling a fictional story, do you also write from personal experience, or are the majority of your songs fictional?
I feel like I’m never sure until I’ve actually wrote them, a lot of times I write songs and it’s only by the end that I’ve worked out they do relate to me. I feel like a lot of the time I’m subconsciously writing about someone but don’t click until the song is done. Others, yeah I take inspiration from other people’s stories.

What do you like about these two perspectives?
Fictional writing gives you a lot more freedom obviously, as you can write about whatever you want. But nonfictional always hits harder as people can feel if something is true to someone, or not.

The music stuff seems to be working out really good for you! What job do you think you would’ve done, if this hadn’t worked out?
Good question. I would’ve either been an actor, or most likely ended up in fashion somewhere, as those are two other passions of mine.

You already played some live shows – what was the most unexpected thing, that ever happened to you while playing live?
I think, seeing a mosh pit to my own tunes for the first time! It is always a mad feeling, being in a mosh pit, but actually being on stage and orchestrating it is a different level.

Can we prepare for a debut album, since you already released two EP’s this year? And what are your further plans, after the EP is finally released?
I’m really not sure, what the plan is at the moment. I mean there’s so many options. A debut album will be coming at some point, but I couldn’t tell you when, I guess when the times ready.

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